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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Junk Bonanza Time Machine

Yes, I'm still in wonder over the dream that Junk Bonanza in Minnesota was. It's been a week, and it's still on my mind, so I thought I'd share a few (okay, a lot) of pictures before I move on. I know one cannot dwell in the past, but that show was so incredible. It was really, really fun to get to be a shopper in a new city, a new state, a new place full of new vendors. Not to mention new (old) junk! It brought back good memories of the first time I walked into The Farm Chicks show; I got that same energizing, creative, wide eyed feeling all over again. It's good to shake up the junking juices. That's what the Junk Bonanza did for me, it made me re-fall in love with the whole junking experience anew. Thanks mom, for being my faithful shopping partner in crime. We made off good. Can't wait to go back next to rent that U-haul girls!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Junk Bonanza Made Me Do It

Well, time for some truth telling. Before this past weekend (one of the BEST trips I've ever taken) when I flew to and from the Creative Connection Event/Junk Bonanza in Minneapolis, I hadn't flown in an airplane for over a decade. Flown the coop; yes. Flown blind; many times. But as for real life flying in a hurtling piece of metal, no way, no how. I wasn't even tempted frankly, until this event showed up on my radar at The Farm Chicks show this June. (Disclaimer: I'm blogging, but I haven't even had time to implement my still to be learned new skills of linking, good photos, placement etc.)
So, the bad, bad experience I had flying way when back when I was still in my mid twenties; that was just part of a bigger anxiety disorder issue that surfaced around that time. And even after all these years of relative mental health and peace (depends on the day, etc.) I still hadn't wanted to broach the whole transportation issue. I already love road trips, I love the ground, I love (pretending)to be in control, so why fly? I guess I just knew I needed to be there this year. The Creative Connection Event and Junk Bonanza and all of the wonderful women there, not mention Minneapolis (who knew I'd fall in love with it?!) well, all of these validated over and over that my brave choice was the right choice.
I was sent some very special flying angels to boot: On the way to Minnesota, who but the amazing Serena Thompson of the Farm Chicks was on our exact same two flights!! I felt so much better, I have to tell you! And on our way home we had not one but four guardian angels to fly with (yes, Timi, angels); Timi Weathers-Botoroff, Tippy Stockton, Elaine Tolson and Amber Strehle, all awesome strong ladies from the west side of Washington. (Which reminds me, a show to go to coming up in October is being hosted by Timi of Come Junk With Us!!)
I am well aware that there are women much stronger, wiser, way more talented than I who make brave and courageous choices on a daily basis. They hold families together on less than a shoestring. They raise children alone. They fight diseases that ravage the body and soul. So, my privileged brave choice may not top the charts; but for a few rare moments I felt like I could be counted among those who prevail. Among those who look at the worst before them and simply shrug their quavering shoulders, turn, and walk the more difficult path.
All for the love of fun and junk. Thanks to every woman whose path crossed mine and left me feeling stronger for it this weekend!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Junk Bonanza for a Funky Junk Girl



Oh Junk Bonanza, how do I love thee...let me count the ways...
1/Lots and lots of beautiful and fun junk from the Midwest. See pics above.(Translated: new junk for me, a west coast junking girl.)
2/Mini Donuts in a paper bag. What could go better with junking?
3/Friendly Midwest vendors with awesome midwest accents. I love accents.
4/Junk Revolution Store...I love merchandise!!! I wore my "This ain't my first rodeo PINK shirt today and Mark is getting a Junk Hunk shirt as a prize when I get home; and I picked up a special prize for my biz. partner in junking, Jennifer!
5/Incredible prices!! These are Funky Junk-like prices...we saw many, many large pieces we cried over and that we would have bought and carted home had we been many, many miles closer to home. (1,166 miles closer to be exact. Thanks Christy!!)
6/Found: bins and bins of ephemera pieces to go through; a dream for me!
7/Letters and numbers and punctuation oh yes!!!! Of all shapes and sizes!!
8/Vintage trailers greeting us and setting the mood.
9/Meeting Ki Nassauer and re-meeting Heather Bullard. These ladies are the real deal; talented, energetic, inspiring.
10/Getting to shop it with my favorite fellow junker, my mom. What a dream!!
And this was all in a few lovely hours the first day...more on my second visit later...yes, I couldn't stay away!
loving the fun junk in Minnesota,

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Funky Junk Funk, Love & Junk

A week ago today was the first day of Fall 2010 Funky Junk, and the whole weekend far surpassed all I could have hoped for. Jennifer & I were so excited at the number of awesome vendors and the huge, continous number of funky junk shoppers. People came, bought, listened to great music, ate yummy food, talked with old friends, met new junking comrades and made Funky Junk what it is at it's best: like a huge weekend of junking camp. I miss the show, I miss the vendors, I miss my shopper friends. I truly loved talking with and meeting you all!! I'm ready for fall, but soon I'll be ready for Funky Junk Spring 2011 in Spokane, WA; details to come soon, soon, soon on the spring show. Until enjoy a few pictures of a weekend to remember! Love, Hollie
love. fun. junk.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Funky Junk Is ON!!

This Saturday and Sunday will be the biggest Funky Junk show ever; held in Sandpoint, ID. So super excited, especially to see everyone, vendors and shoppers and all runs together in a really good way at Funky Junk!

From the practical and useful to the pretty and just plain awesome- there is something for everyone and every taste. Repurposed, industrial, shabby chic, french vintage, funky, retro, hand created, you'll always find a one of a kind funky find. Or two, or a truck load.

$2 gets you in for the whole weekend, so that you can come back again and again and find fresh junk every time!

Here's the Official Vendor List: (or, all the really, really cool booths full of one of a kind funky finds waiting for you)....

Joy Harvest
Yesterday's Connection
Playhouse Soap
Red Hen Pies
MarketPlace Antiques
Old Idaho
Hand Me Down Quilts
Ballyhoo Girl
Junebug Furniture and Design
Ladybird Jewlery
Parson's Place
Sister's Creed
Rustic Radiance
Just Because Antiques
Iona's Antiques
Best Nesst/Wanderlux
Reclaimed Charm
Tudy Kvenbo
Sweet B Cupcakes
My First Piggies
Jimmy's BBQ
Denny Wuesthoff
Lea Sammons

Traveling blessings and make sure to fill up on caffiene...See you soon!~Hollie