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Monday, September 20, 2010

Junk Bonanza Made Me Do It

Well, time for some truth telling. Before this past weekend (one of the BEST trips I've ever taken) when I flew to and from the Creative Connection Event/Junk Bonanza in Minneapolis, I hadn't flown in an airplane for over a decade. Flown the coop; yes. Flown blind; many times. But as for real life flying in a hurtling piece of metal, no way, no how. I wasn't even tempted frankly, until this event showed up on my radar at The Farm Chicks show this June. (Disclaimer: I'm blogging, but I haven't even had time to implement my still to be learned new skills of linking, good photos, placement etc.)
So, the bad, bad experience I had flying way when back when I was still in my mid twenties; that was just part of a bigger anxiety disorder issue that surfaced around that time. And even after all these years of relative mental health and peace (depends on the day, etc.) I still hadn't wanted to broach the whole transportation issue. I already love road trips, I love the ground, I love (pretending)to be in control, so why fly? I guess I just knew I needed to be there this year. The Creative Connection Event and Junk Bonanza and all of the wonderful women there, not mention Minneapolis (who knew I'd fall in love with it?!) well, all of these validated over and over that my brave choice was the right choice.
I was sent some very special flying angels to boot: On the way to Minnesota, who but the amazing Serena Thompson of the Farm Chicks was on our exact same two flights!! I felt so much better, I have to tell you! And on our way home we had not one but four guardian angels to fly with (yes, Timi, angels); Timi Weathers-Botoroff, Tippy Stockton, Elaine Tolson and Amber Strehle, all awesome strong ladies from the west side of Washington. (Which reminds me, a show to go to coming up in October is being hosted by Timi of Come Junk With Us!!)
I am well aware that there are women much stronger, wiser, way more talented than I who make brave and courageous choices on a daily basis. They hold families together on less than a shoestring. They raise children alone. They fight diseases that ravage the body and soul. So, my privileged brave choice may not top the charts; but for a few rare moments I felt like I could be counted among those who prevail. Among those who look at the worst before them and simply shrug their quavering shoulders, turn, and walk the more difficult path.
All for the love of fun and junk. Thanks to every woman whose path crossed mine and left me feeling stronger for it this weekend!


  1. Hollie,
    I'm so happy for you that you got to get away for a bit! Congrats on braving the flight. Looks like it was a blast and I think I may be saving my pennies for next year!

  2. It's funny the things we will do for good junk!
    I'm glad you made the trip and everthing went well!
    Maybe I will see you at the next Farm Chick Show!

  3. I am so there next year!!! And Bravo on flying -- I know that took a lot - but you are a woman of courage, strength, creativity and love! Great writing as always and I can't wait to see your 'goods' in person :)

  4. It was so much fun to share this wonderful event with you...let's do it again! ;-)

  5. Thank you ladies...I love the blogging community!!! You girls made my day=)!!! And yes, I can't wait for Farm Chicks and the CCE!!! Hollie=)

  6. Yay Hollie!! Anxiety is no easy thing to conquer. Good for you. I love reading about your trip to MN. It's fun to live vicariously through you and your traveling companions. :)

    I would love to hear more about any speakers that you were able to hear...and... I would love to know how you got into junking. From your mom's influence? Did you always love vintage things even as a child?

    Thanks for the fun posts.

  7. Thanks Kristin...I'd love to share more about the event...there was so much I learned and absorbed just by being around those amazing women!! And I'd love to talk junk any time=)...Love

  8. Hollie, it was so great meeting you today at the Angel's Attic Show! You and Chrissy are a hoot and I'm looking forward to seeing you in the near future!

  9. Thanks Krista! It was really great to meet you girls too! We had such fun at that sale=)...spent more than I planned=)!


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