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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Keep Calm & Marry On

In anticipation of the Royal Wedding tomorrow (also my youngest sister's birthday-Happy Birthday Princess=)!!) I thought I would share a few of the finds my mom returned home with from her recent trip abroad.

These are my socks, Kate engagement ring and crown necklace...yes I will be dressing up for the royal occasion.
My mom and dad took a trip to England, France and Scotland...they had some built in family to visit and by all accounts had a very sweet trip indeed.
This bag is so perfect!...The colors, the it! So pretty British.

Love, love these purses she brought back from Edinburgh...super cute!!

My mom brought me my very own vintage English primer...and a Liberty of London pencil...

This purse!! And the little carrying pouch!!
They are for her, but I love them very much.
All three pieces, purse, wallet & carrying pouch...

And another side of the oh so cute wallet. Such a score!

Fun "If the tiara fits..." hand sanitizer and lipgloss from Bath & Body Works. I am so prepared now for the wedding.

How fun would this be for a Royal Wedding party! Love the cupcake set especially, of course. The Rooster bread box is one of my sister's vintage finds from years back at Farm Chicks-she gifted it to my mom, who has had a rooster/chicken collection forever, thanks to her grandma Kuchenbuch's collecting. It goes way back, this collecting thing!

Quite love this little bowl she found by "PIP Studios-happy products for happy people" I also loved all of the Cadbury Mini Eggs in the bowl...

Cute patterned tray from Liberty of London...while we get bits and pieces of it at Target, but there is a whole, huge store filled with goodies in England!

Mom brought back some finds from Paris to sell at Funky Junk; these are some of the old Paris postal box keys and numbers she brought back for me and my sisters.

Vintage is the new modern across the ocean, as well!

I think she may have spent all of her pennies...or pounds.

A pillow that my mom picked up, remarkably, not in London, but on

I think that I will just have to settle for Keep Calm & Eat A Cupcake...
These were my concoctions for my Easter boys.

After the Royal Wedding Day, I will be heading up to the Five Mile Prairie Grange for an amazing Tag Sale/Rummage Sale, put together by Serena Thompson, Farm Chick.

There will be a grange full of girls with there assorted junk...sounds like the perfect way to spend a day!! Funky JUnk Jennifer will be there, among others, and is bringing a truckload. I am bringing a bit of everything..and I have no doubt that everyone will find something! My only hope is to make money, not spend it all (I have a feeling...) and bring home less than I bring to sell (I have a feeling, though...)=)

Saturday, April 30th

8 a.m. -3 p.m.

Hope to see you there, if you cAN...don't miss it!!
Love, Funky Junk Hollie

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day, Easter Day

I find it interesting that this year Earth Day and Easter Day fall on the same weekend. One day celebrating the perfect sacrifice of the One who created the Earth, for his creation; the other celebrating the creation's imperfect sacrifices to save the Earth formed by the Creator. I count myself among the imperfect with imperfect sacrifices; and what follow are just small ways I visibly celebrate both. Not everything, not the depth of my beliefs, just some of the fun ways.

I wasn't going to even decorate for Easter, feeling like Easter Sunday Worship would be enough and still trying to regain my energy and spirit after Funky Junk two weeks ago; but I decided to, and for my boy's reactions alone, I am glad I did. I had fun setting these happy little candles in a super sparkly Made in Western Germany bowl I picked up before Funky Junk. Liam, my middle guy, jumped up and down and told me that they are his friends.

An amazing set of Tavern candles, which came in the original green box, given to me by my mom. My littlest, Finn, kept screeching that he "found the eggs" when he saw these out.

Love the colors on Mr. Bunny (as Liam named him) and the postcard. And the bunny and angel kneeling at the Cross candle, was quite a find by my mom.

A Made in West Germany Easter Egg.

A handful of my vintage Easter card collection. So great to find Cross ones when I do!

Two vintage honeycomb ducks and one nested chick.

Two of my vintage Easter themed sheet music pieces. Growing up, I was assigned to play a piano solo at church every Easter. Major stage fright made each and every time a catastrophe of nerves. I'm sure it was a great growing experience and paved the way for being on the stage of real life, but I'm so relieved to be in the pew and not on the piano bench for now! An amazing holiday party book is in the center-I think I saw a reproduction of it at Atticus in Spokane.

There are so many choices to be made any more, paper or plastic, organic or local, recycled or vintage...It's a good thing, really! And the next generation will have more choices than ours. I like fresh air, clean water, natural grass and non-toxic I take small steps, within my means of time, energy & finances to help those things be available for my family & me, and others. I just liked the thought of this product I saw at Costco.

I love to buy organic or fresh local food, when it's possible in my budget~at the very least I go for organic apples for my boys...and maybe on less broke months, this looks like a great choice!! I found this brand at Costco.

"Junk is the new green" was one of our Funky Junk slogans some shows back; really, is there anything more fun than reducing, reusing, or rescuing just by shopping!? Well, at least to me.
I picked this white board up at my own garage sale from my sister and promptly sold my wood one. What a happy circle!

I tend to get easily overwhelmed with big problems, like saving the earth for one, so just focusing on the good I am doing, as small as it seems, helps. Recycling cans is such an easy-peasy step; and I get extra grocery money out of it most of the time! Same for our daily newspaper.

My little Finn helping take the Small Steps toilet paper upstairs, roll by roll. This is one of the happy accident, earth-friendly products I stumbled into when there were free coupons months back; now I buy it because I actually like it.

Haden's very own tree, planted in our first backyard. His Opa brought it to him from his property; it was the hardest thing for Haden to leave at our old house and he was very happy to get a picture with it. Good thing Lowes is giving away free trees for Earth Day this weekend!

We will miss our beautiful tree climbing Flowering (pink) Cherry this spring. We planted eight decidious trees at our first home; planting them in our second home's yard is a goal of ours. We have plenty of evergreens, by the way...including the logs from the one that fell on our house.

My three littlest (and biggest) blessings actually posing on their own in front of our SOLD house sign!! After 7 months of being on the market, it is so, so good to have one garage door opener again. Best thing, though, we've already moved-all the relief, none of the stress.

Happy Easter~may Joy, Blessings & Grace fill your homes & lives!
Wish you could smell this hyacinth~it's been filling our laundry area with fragrance all week, waiting to be delivered to it's new home on Easter~


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Funky Junk Spring Show!

Yea for Funky Junk Spring 2011; and yea for Funky Junk Bumper Stickers!! And super cute blue chairs for them to sit on, thanks to Jennifer!
That's what it's all about...even with a few glitches; power outage Saturday afternoon, way more cars than we anticipated (thanks to my funky junk husband for directing traffic~and getting a sunburn all in the name of junk!)~ love. fun. junk. still ruled the weekend!
Our wall of fame...Nine shows & counting...thanks again to our amazing designer, Heidi Jantz!!

She designs, she sings, what can't that girl do?

We'll be debuting the Labor Day show poster and postcards at The Farm Chicks Show in June!

The amazing Vendor Gift basket-the giveaway winner was so thrilled!! Thanks again to our very generous vendors!!
The motto for the weekend "Keep Calm & Eat a Cupcake" alternate motto: "Keep Calm & Funky Junk On"

(thanks Shirley Hudson for the Funky Junk one!!)
That's my lovely mom behind me...I could not do this show without my sisters, parents, husband, brother-in-law, and friends!!
The reason I do this-my four boys!!

Lord knows there's no money in it;)

All for the love of junking with friends...

Hope this coffee can is still available at the Two Women Barn Bazaar in next show!!

Note to self: Make more time to shop next show!
So glad the Fall Show is only 4 1/2 months away!!

(Labor Day Weekend in Sandpoint, ID!!)
Our vendors, funky junk shoppers, and memories are PRICELESS!!
A big, huge hug & THANK YOU to our above & beyond fantastic, talented, & friendly vendors...we love you!! Thanks for making Funky Junk rock!!


Here are some fantastic blogs about the show as well!!~Enjoy!!

(I'll add more later!)

by the lovely & classy & fun JuneBug/Mad Hatter Flea Market ladies Gladys & Celia

by the enthusiastic & hardworking & fun Sisters Creed

A shopper's awesome blog & pics! Jessica Roy

Linda & Jon Gardner-our Angel's=)

A fun Ballyhoo Girl take on Funky Junk Day 1~Christy Dunham

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Beautiful pics from the show by Kristin Dobson!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Funky Junk Pre-Show Peek...

I knew our vendor line up was incredible, but I was completely wowed by the amount of sheer talent and junk that is Funky Junk spring...

Come and junk; stay and play.

Saturday & Sunday

April 9 & 10; 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Irish Dance Hall Grange

8216 E. Big Meadows Rd.

Chattaroy, WA 99003

love. fun. junk.

See you there!....