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Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day, Easter Day

I find it interesting that this year Earth Day and Easter Day fall on the same weekend. One day celebrating the perfect sacrifice of the One who created the Earth, for his creation; the other celebrating the creation's imperfect sacrifices to save the Earth formed by the Creator. I count myself among the imperfect with imperfect sacrifices; and what follow are just small ways I visibly celebrate both. Not everything, not the depth of my beliefs, just some of the fun ways.

I wasn't going to even decorate for Easter, feeling like Easter Sunday Worship would be enough and still trying to regain my energy and spirit after Funky Junk two weeks ago; but I decided to, and for my boy's reactions alone, I am glad I did. I had fun setting these happy little candles in a super sparkly Made in Western Germany bowl I picked up before Funky Junk. Liam, my middle guy, jumped up and down and told me that they are his friends.

An amazing set of Tavern candles, which came in the original green box, given to me by my mom. My littlest, Finn, kept screeching that he "found the eggs" when he saw these out.

Love the colors on Mr. Bunny (as Liam named him) and the postcard. And the bunny and angel kneeling at the Cross candle, was quite a find by my mom.

A Made in West Germany Easter Egg.

A handful of my vintage Easter card collection. So great to find Cross ones when I do!

Two vintage honeycomb ducks and one nested chick.

Two of my vintage Easter themed sheet music pieces. Growing up, I was assigned to play a piano solo at church every Easter. Major stage fright made each and every time a catastrophe of nerves. I'm sure it was a great growing experience and paved the way for being on the stage of real life, but I'm so relieved to be in the pew and not on the piano bench for now! An amazing holiday party book is in the center-I think I saw a reproduction of it at Atticus in Spokane.

There are so many choices to be made any more, paper or plastic, organic or local, recycled or vintage...It's a good thing, really! And the next generation will have more choices than ours. I like fresh air, clean water, natural grass and non-toxic I take small steps, within my means of time, energy & finances to help those things be available for my family & me, and others. I just liked the thought of this product I saw at Costco.

I love to buy organic or fresh local food, when it's possible in my budget~at the very least I go for organic apples for my boys...and maybe on less broke months, this looks like a great choice!! I found this brand at Costco.

"Junk is the new green" was one of our Funky Junk slogans some shows back; really, is there anything more fun than reducing, reusing, or rescuing just by shopping!? Well, at least to me.
I picked this white board up at my own garage sale from my sister and promptly sold my wood one. What a happy circle!

I tend to get easily overwhelmed with big problems, like saving the earth for one, so just focusing on the good I am doing, as small as it seems, helps. Recycling cans is such an easy-peasy step; and I get extra grocery money out of it most of the time! Same for our daily newspaper.

My little Finn helping take the Small Steps toilet paper upstairs, roll by roll. This is one of the happy accident, earth-friendly products I stumbled into when there were free coupons months back; now I buy it because I actually like it.

Haden's very own tree, planted in our first backyard. His Opa brought it to him from his property; it was the hardest thing for Haden to leave at our old house and he was very happy to get a picture with it. Good thing Lowes is giving away free trees for Earth Day this weekend!

We will miss our beautiful tree climbing Flowering (pink) Cherry this spring. We planted eight decidious trees at our first home; planting them in our second home's yard is a goal of ours. We have plenty of evergreens, by the way...including the logs from the one that fell on our house.

My three littlest (and biggest) blessings actually posing on their own in front of our SOLD house sign!! After 7 months of being on the market, it is so, so good to have one garage door opener again. Best thing, though, we've already moved-all the relief, none of the stress.

Happy Easter~may Joy, Blessings & Grace fill your homes & lives!
Wish you could smell this hyacinth~it's been filling our laundry area with fragrance all week, waiting to be delivered to it's new home on Easter~



  1. Congrats on selling your home!!!

    Have a wonderful Easter Hollie, as we celebbrate our risen Lord!

  2. Such cute pics and super cute kids! Happy Easter to you and your family!


  3. What a blessing! Congratulations on selling your house! If you're ever passing by The Little Red Shop and need some free baby trees...we have them sprouting up all over the former nursery.

    : )

    Happy Easter!

    Julie M.

  4. Thank you Kristen; and you too Julie!! Easter Blessings~Hollie=)

  5. Lovely vintage Easter goodies! :) Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment too. Happy Easter!

  6. Thanks Rachel, and happy to find a great new blog!!=)

  7. Love all your vintage Easter, how fun! I am getting better about recycling but that is still a work in progress. Love the flowers, I so wish I could get a wiff, I love them!

    Yea for you and selling your home, great picture of the boys in the tree! Great adventures I'm sure to come!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!


  8. Love the picture of your boy's by the 4 sell sign. Thank you for taking the time to stop by, I do hope you find the vintnage keys etc. to make this and do a post about it, I'd love to see. Happy Easter!


  9. Thanks Shirley, Happy, Hoppy Easter to you=)!!

    ~Megan, Thank you, thank you...I am a constant work in process!!=)

    ~Rondell, thank you! funny, my mom had brought me a vintage mail key from Paris, so I'm on my way=)!!

    Love to you all, Hollie

  10. Those are very sweet pictures, Hollie! Have a bright and joyful Easter xxxx

  11. Thanks girls!! Hope your Easter was joyfilled saskia=)..
    I will stop by, thanks Gio!
    Thanks KAthy...I love, love vintage cards for every season=) and love to give them as gifts too!!!

  12. Heya Hollie....!!

    CONGRATULATIONS on selling your home Lovey....I'm only sorry it took so long....!!

    I hope you & your GORGEOUS boys had a LOVELY Easter break....!

    I SO know what you mean....Saving the planet IS a BIG PROJECT so SLOW & STEADY is the way to go....One recycled piece of paper at a time....!!

    Take care & have a WONDERFUL week....!!!!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  13. Love your Easter decor!
    Hope you had a blessed one. :-)


  14. We hope your Easter Celebrations were amazing with your beautiful family!

    XO Glad & Cel

  15. Love all the pictures! And I think
    "Mr. Bunny" is my favorite! Happy Spring! Love, Jennifer

  16. Thanks Tamarah, for taking time from your busy junking to visit!!!!

    Thank you Anne..I really love my special pieces I've pared down to!

    Thanks Glady & Celia...right back at you!!

    Jennifer, I love Mr. Bunny too...then I saw that my mom has a Mr. Bunny twin, in yellow!=)

  17. I agree with Jennifer - Mr. Bunny is the best :)


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