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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Funky Junk Spring Show!

Yea for Funky Junk Spring 2011; and yea for Funky Junk Bumper Stickers!! And super cute blue chairs for them to sit on, thanks to Jennifer!
That's what it's all about...even with a few glitches; power outage Saturday afternoon, way more cars than we anticipated (thanks to my funky junk husband for directing traffic~and getting a sunburn all in the name of junk!)~ love. fun. junk. still ruled the weekend!
Our wall of fame...Nine shows & counting...thanks again to our amazing designer, Heidi Jantz!!

She designs, she sings, what can't that girl do?

We'll be debuting the Labor Day show poster and postcards at The Farm Chicks Show in June!

The amazing Vendor Gift basket-the giveaway winner was so thrilled!! Thanks again to our very generous vendors!!
The motto for the weekend "Keep Calm & Eat a Cupcake" alternate motto: "Keep Calm & Funky Junk On"

(thanks Shirley Hudson for the Funky Junk one!!)
That's my lovely mom behind me...I could not do this show without my sisters, parents, husband, brother-in-law, and friends!!
The reason I do this-my four boys!!

Lord knows there's no money in it;)

All for the love of junking with friends...

Hope this coffee can is still available at the Two Women Barn Bazaar in next show!!

Note to self: Make more time to shop next show!
So glad the Fall Show is only 4 1/2 months away!!

(Labor Day Weekend in Sandpoint, ID!!)
Our vendors, funky junk shoppers, and memories are PRICELESS!!
A big, huge hug & THANK YOU to our above & beyond fantastic, talented, & friendly vendors...we love you!! Thanks for making Funky Junk rock!!


Here are some fantastic blogs about the show as well!!~Enjoy!!

(I'll add more later!)

by the lovely & classy & fun JuneBug/Mad Hatter Flea Market ladies Gladys & Celia

by the enthusiastic & hardworking & fun Sisters Creed

A shopper's awesome blog & pics! Jessica Roy

Linda & Jon Gardner-our Angel's=)

A fun Ballyhoo Girl take on Funky Junk Day 1~Christy Dunham

A pre-show blog by Funky Junk Jennifer

Beautiful pics from the show by Kristin Dobson!!


  1. So much fun! I just did a fun junk show as well this weekend, Junk Jubilee. Loved it!

  2. Thanks...I thought the Junk Jubilee looked amazing! Thanks for visiting=)

  3. Thanks for being the hostess with the mostess! I can't wait for the fall show!
    Luvs Erin

  4. Thank you Erin!! Thank you for being there~

  5. Looks like a great show, Hollie!
    Have a sweet Sunday and a great start to the new week xxxx

  6. Thank you!! It was a great show~and right back at you=)!


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