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Friday, January 28, 2011


This week Funky Junk work began in earnest. Well, I was supposed to get more done on the work day I had scheduled, but I just couldn't get started. Until my husband brought in my vintage table to work on. Until I searched through piles of boxes for some of the decorations I've been saving for my new, improved and huge office. Until I had a cup of coffee in my cute mug. Until I had set up pretty vignettes all around my work space so that my eyes had somewhere pretty to rest while I was thinking. Then and only then could I begin. I suppose I could have worked anywhere, as I often do, but it was far more fun to dream a little about the Where work will happen someday soon. This is the joy of Funky Junk. The imagining begins and ideas swirl, and I'm lost in a way that those of us who create live for.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Few of My Fav. Winter Whites & Giveaway

After the sparkle, shine and celebration of December, and once I've settled into the reality of January, I find my eyes are drawn towards the calm and simplicity of winter whites. The cutout snowflake is one of my favorite January decorations. I love to drink my coffeemate swirled coffee in my cableknit mug from Starbucks a few years ago. I bought this candle this year at Bath and Body Works after Christmas and it has become my favorite scent, lighting up my kitchen. My soft chenille gloves keep my cold hands warm and match whatever outfit I pull together that day. The sparkly celebrate sign is a gift from my friend Fielding Chelf and reminds me to celebrate the every day. My sweet winter white DKNY sweater I scored at Costco in December is cozy and pretties up even the slushiest day.

I love the vintage-y printed mugs my mom and I have had in our booth this past year, so I'm giving away a "Shine" Candelabra one to one of you! All you need to do is comment, and then become a fan on Facebook of Funky Junk Antique Show and let me know! My tell your story typewrite mug is my reminder to keep writing, keep junking and keep taking time for a cup of quiet.

Happy winter!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A look Back...December 2010

It's been said a few times that a picture is worth a thousand words. But words, oh words! Words light my days, drive me and move me. I adore books; picture books, coffee table books, novels, children's books, old books, new books. Christmas stories we read in our home this past December shaped our traditions. Christmas songs played from old sheet music and new compendiums made our home festive and holy. Cookbooks and recipes followed filled our new home with fragrant memories.

My December was merry and bright for many reasons. Just a few follow:
~Snow...snowfalls, white snow blankets, sparkling snow, piled high made the backdrop for our December decidely very Christmas card. middle guys birthday started the month and I happily followed on the 11th. My friend Kara threw a 30th birthday ball, she had a gorgeous cake, gave me a crown and I got to dance with my husband of 14 years. I love birthdays and birthday parties, presents, cake, "happy birthday to you" was all so, so good.
~Christmas Decorations...everywhere! My own were sparse this year since we just moved in, but I treasured the few I put out (and added to all month). The booths at the Two Women Country Christmas in early December really started to get me in the Christmas spirit. I loved the amazing decor at Chaps/Cake, the way my friends and family decorated their homes, the decorations I saw on blogs and Facebook, products and displays in I said, everywhere.
~Christmas Eve afternoon...this was the first time I really had people over and entertained. My whole immediate family was able to come and celebrate in my new home and we discovered how perfect of a home it is for gatherings. I loved it. And I was so inspired...I sent my husband and oldest boy out to our yard to gather fresh evergreens and holly for the centerpieces. I filled my vintage tin jello molds with cute cupcake liners from my friend Mermaid Shelley, and filled those with toppings for our ice cream. I took a cue from The Farm Chicks Serena and made my own version of her amazing Woodsy Cake by covering (gluten free) waffle cones with frosting, glittering up my cake and adding candy to make it a candy land cake...yummy and super cute! I loved my red and white striped theme (thanks to Martha Stewart 2009 after Christmas from Michaels!) and built from was candy cane heaven.
~Family time...this is what really fueled my month. I thrive on time spent with my loved ones and I received the gift of quality time with all of them, friends and family alike. What a joy.

I was just going to let my pictures do the talking for this blog, but those words, they just bubble over every time. Thanks for letting me share my life with you, and thank you for sharing yours with me!

Happy Funky Junk New Year!

Sigh. I need a little January Therapy. Those glorious, shiny, happy, yummy days of December have been counted down and we've 3-2-oned our way into 2011. I rewrite history pretty well, so though my Christmas season wasn't picture perfect in every way, all I remember are the warmest moments, the sweet treats, the shining conversations. Good, solid memories in our new home.

I've never entered January entirely happy, shall we say. In December I have my birthday, my anniversary and Christmas. Add in a few other family birthdays, Christmas parties, cookie making, present wrapping, gift shopping~I'm in my element. Over the years I've managed to make the first day of January happy-it's another party! And this year was a New Year day marked with bright blue winter skies, sparkling white snow, yummy treats and a day spent with family at my mom's happily decorated home.

Then, all of a sudden, it's over. The Christmas music soundtrack is gone from radios and stores, school and the inherent crazy schedules are back in force. There are no parties (thank goodness there is one for Funky Junk Jennifer this weekend!!), resolutions to keep (thank goodness for the prospect of Cake!!), and no one around to talk to (thanks to my neighbor for coffee this week!). So, mid-way into my bleary new week, I realized I must make an effort to make January pretty, and dare I say, happy. It's time.

Time to read a book in bed, in the middle of the day, just for a moment. Time to gaze at beautiful pictures in witty and interesting blog posts. Time to read stories to my little guys instead of taking down decorations. Time to make excuses to get together and cheer on some great Washington teams with family. Time to make resolutions that make sense and that have a chance of making my year meaningful. Time to have a Diet Coke for goodness sake-I'm sick of this detox!

So, happy, happy 2011. Enjoy the progress you've made thus far~hey, 8 days is a long time! Find a way to smile if you can, and then laugh. Or not. Find your groove in this new year and let me know how you make January good. Even in the bleakest mid-winter, there is always, always hope.