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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Funky Junk New Year!

Sigh. I need a little January Therapy. Those glorious, shiny, happy, yummy days of December have been counted down and we've 3-2-oned our way into 2011. I rewrite history pretty well, so though my Christmas season wasn't picture perfect in every way, all I remember are the warmest moments, the sweet treats, the shining conversations. Good, solid memories in our new home.

I've never entered January entirely happy, shall we say. In December I have my birthday, my anniversary and Christmas. Add in a few other family birthdays, Christmas parties, cookie making, present wrapping, gift shopping~I'm in my element. Over the years I've managed to make the first day of January happy-it's another party! And this year was a New Year day marked with bright blue winter skies, sparkling white snow, yummy treats and a day spent with family at my mom's happily decorated home.

Then, all of a sudden, it's over. The Christmas music soundtrack is gone from radios and stores, school and the inherent crazy schedules are back in force. There are no parties (thank goodness there is one for Funky Junk Jennifer this weekend!!), resolutions to keep (thank goodness for the prospect of Cake!!), and no one around to talk to (thanks to my neighbor for coffee this week!). So, mid-way into my bleary new week, I realized I must make an effort to make January pretty, and dare I say, happy. It's time.

Time to read a book in bed, in the middle of the day, just for a moment. Time to gaze at beautiful pictures in witty and interesting blog posts. Time to read stories to my little guys instead of taking down decorations. Time to make excuses to get together and cheer on some great Washington teams with family. Time to make resolutions that make sense and that have a chance of making my year meaningful. Time to have a Diet Coke for goodness sake-I'm sick of this detox!

So, happy, happy 2011. Enjoy the progress you've made thus far~hey, 8 days is a long time! Find a way to smile if you can, and then laugh. Or not. Find your groove in this new year and let me know how you make January good. Even in the bleakest mid-winter, there is always, always hope.


  1. I Love the picture of you blowing snow!!! So glad I could help give you some January light! And don't forget "time for coffee"!!!


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