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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Funky Junk Top 10 from 2010

I'm trying to decide if this is a top 10 list of things I love from 2010, things I loved most from the junking world (at least where I live!) this past year, or some kind of mix of both. No matter, here's what this half of Funky Junk (Hollie) thinks rocked the junk world this past year.

1. Keep Calm and Carry On quote (preferably in yellow) and the Funky Junk Antique Show logo (on our yellow banner). Both of these made me happy every time I saw (see) them this past year. They represent the journey Funky Junk has made, the obstacles overcome, the holding strong. And yellow, well, Funky Junk is all about fun and happy!

2. Vintage patterns. I've always loved the artwork on old patterns, I have quite a collection of my own, but this year I've seen an uptick in the number of patterns I've sold, especially to people who actually sew and re-use them. Gotta love vintage clothing too-the sizes make me laugh, though.

3. Chaps/Cake. This place has been one of Jennifer and my favorite restaurants, so the adding on of the bakery just put it in a whole new realm of special. Such a pretty, pretty place with yummy, delectable food and of course, proprietress Celeste Shaw, our long time Funky Junk friend. So many good times happened at this place this year, and so many junking friendships formed over well, cake!

4. Coffee Cans. The advertising, the graphics, the art, and the subject matter! I love coffee and I love the look and colors of the cans, it's like having 3-D metal art on display. You cannot go wrong with these vessels.

5. Crowns. Mom looks so cute in her glittery crown! I'm so drawn towards crowns this year. Sure, they're everywhere, but the paper craft/junking world artists have done some phenomenal versions with old paper, glitter and unique touches. Plus, I like to pretend I'm a princess.

6. Globes. Oh, how do I love the globes. Let me count the ways; the spinning, the geography, the way the earth is suspended on different metal structures. I love to look for the age of the globe, for clues on it's circle. I have two blues and I'm working toward a black. I should have bought that one at the Two Women show!!

7. Words. Letters. Blocks. Etc. Love the old vocab. cards, vintage advertising signs, dictionary pages...I could go on and on. Written displays rock!

8. Glitter. Really, must I explain? Old, new, German glass, new whatever. Love.

9. Numbers. Again with the old advertising and displays, old math cards and blocks. However, wherever, there are so many possibilities! There is something very modern asthetically about vintage numbers hanging out as art.

10. Vintage cookbooks. Vintage and antique books are always my favorites, my booth inevitably is stocked full of written treasures, but this year the old cookbooks are quietly making a comeback. There is something about recipes from before that are ringing true in tighter times. Simple or extravagent, vintage cookbooks are like reading a story that comes alive in your hands.

So, there is my top 2010 list of finds, loves, joys. What really powered all of these was the joy of discovery, the love of friends and many, many fun times with junkers and junk alike. Here's to a junky new year ahead!!
Love. fun. junk. ~Hollie


  1. Your list is good for me! Chaps is my favorite, I live in Orlando Florida and have been to The Farm Chick Show 3 years now. I plan on going every year. I will have to try to get to your shop because it looks awesome!
    I will be flying thru Spokane in Jan!
    Save me some snow please.

  2. Hey Hollie! We recognize 'Keep Calm & Carry On' sign...memories of a very warm day at Latah Market! With you on vintage patterns, of course Chaps/Cake, can't live without it, crowns, graphics, your Mom...the best, numbers, and vintage cook books! All the best of the best. Love you, Glad & Cel

  3. I love vintage cookbooks too and the vintage patterns.

  4. Fun Karen!....I hope we have some snow still left too~can't wait to meet you in June, you'll have to find my booth=)...
    Gladys, I love your sign, so beautiful and brought back memories of the warm Latah day, too=)!
    Prudence...I love lollibags, too!
    Fun to share with you all~Hollie

  5. Why did I never see that cake with crown how cool! I made a Keep Calm sign but I love that yellow!

  6. How fun. I am working on my Best of 2010 list too and not surprising....we have many of the same categories. Hope you are having a great New Year.

  7. That cake with the crown is amazing...built and made by some of my fav. girls...Holly & Becky of All That Glitter in Spokane!!...I love the Keep Calm Yellow too, made by other talented Spokane girls Gladys & Celia of Junebug!
    Beth...I can't wait to read your list...hope Your New Year is great too!


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