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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bloomsday, May Day

Happy May Day, and Happy Bloomsday in Spokane, WA!! Sometimes it is really cool to be part of something big, something bigger than the everyday, something that shows you what you are made of. This spring my 8 year old has been participating in Bloomsday training at school and I told him I would do Bloomsday with him. That said, I was highly apprehensive, for both of us. I wasn't sure how we would do, if we could make it. But we showed up at our starting group Lilac (second from the end) for the 35th annual 12K (7.46 mile) race.

It could not have been a more perfect weather day for the race. After all of the snow, hail, sleet, rain, and storms of the past month, this May Day was gorgeous! And the trees even showed off.

Haden at the Bloomsday tradeshow where you pick up your numbers and can get free things. Haden's big prize was this pop. And his Franz donuts hat, which he said he would like to never stop wearing, even for sleeping.

Haden at the famous Bloomsday Runners sculptures in Riverfront Park, after his field trip two days before race day.

Here we are waiting to start!

Nothing but blue skies smiling at us...not a cloud in the sky for miles and miles!

Our "D" tags-so cool that our time can be tracked literally from start to finish; can't wait to see our time!

Ah...the trees in "bloom" in Downtown Spokane on May Day.

We enjoyed seeing the Union Jack and someone later on the course carrying the Stars and Stripes along with a Marines flag the whole way.

People leave their unneeded jackets in the trees and on the sides of the road for the Bloomsday crews to pick up later and donate. I like it! At the watering stations, they also used cups that we could throw on the ground, and the crews will pick them up and compost them! Impressive problem solving!

The thrilling start line!!

On our way to the start line! I was so impressed with the way Bloomsday has improved since the last time I participated. Everything is so organized, and groups are spread out, so it was a pleasure to run and walk, not crazy crowded. I think the last time I was in Bloomsday, was, ahem, over 20 years ago. Yikes!

Haden's Bloomsday Training after school program really paid off. He was in great shape for the race and really set the pace for us the whole time. I, not in the best shape after this rough winter, could not have made it in such good time without Haden's leading! Or made it at all.

Love the Free Hugs people. Thanks to all who encouraged along the way!

One of my most memorable, proud moments of the race: Haden said he'd rather run up Doomsday Hill. Incredulous, and mostly not believing we could, I agreed. And we did it. He kept us jogging from the bottom of the hill to the Vulture at the top! This sign reads "Doomsday Hill Ahead. No Detours."

We ran from when we found out we had already passed the 7 mile marker (thanks kind stranger!) to the Finish Line. Such a great reminder of what a glimpse of glory can do!

We finished!!! After crossing the finish line; tired and proud. We finished, and finished well.

The prize: a 2011 shirt. It says to everyone, I finished! Spokane will be a sea of yellow tomorrow. The iconic Clock Tower in the background.

Haden playing on the 'dinosaur bone' in a children's play area in Riverfront Park. The sculpture is set to be removed from the park after having been a fixture since Expo time. I love that Haden ran to the play area after only a brief moments rest on a bench. I limped there.

Overlooking the Spokane Falls with Expo relics in the background at Riverfront Park. Haden's dad and I were both at Expo '74 independently; he was 4 and I was 2. We're sure we crossed paths somehow.
A beautiful day with my beautiful boy. Next year, it's daddy's turn.


  1. Looks like a lot of FUN in the SUN!
    Have a happy new week, sweet Hollie xxxx

  2. Looks like a wonderful day with your son and lovely pics! Bloomsday sure is fun and exhausting! I was 6 during expo...we had season passes and went literally everyday....they probably thought we had no

  3. I LOVE the Franz hat! You did a great job after such a long Saturday! SO glad you had this time together too! Love, Jennifer

  4. great job specially after your day yesterday!! i was one of the last shoppers there and got some great goodies! so disappointed in our local news that they had nothing on tv during the race. always fun to watch for people you knew running/walking/crawling, etc.:)

  5. Thanks so much friends!! We had a great, great day...funny about Expo Shirley!!=) I'm still so shocked that we did it Jennifer=) Saskia, fun in the sun is really what it was!! and thanks so much, new friend=)!! I know, my husband said there was nothing on TV...shocking!!
    Have a beautiful week all!!!

  6. Great job finishing, what fun memories-I'm glad the weather cooperated! :)

  7. Love the Franz hat :) Go Haden - Love the competitive spirit he has!


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