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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Farm Chicks Sweetness

What a sweet weekend it was!

Miles of wonderful places to rest your gaze; booth after booth full of inspiration and smiling faces...ahh, Farm Chicks!

Jennifer & Hollie taking a rare break in Jennifer's comfy car love seat. How many people are wishing they had that in their yard now!? That's vintage Funky Junk style.

There were sweet finds everywhere, and treats to boot! Mom, my friend Christy/Ballyhoo Girl and I had such a great time meeting and greeting and visiting with everyone. I love the people that Farm Chicks brings together. I told my mom there was nowhere I'd rather be than right there at the Fairgrounds; I appreciated each conversation and every friend.

Our Funky Junk Save the Date tags in Jennifer's funky vintage toy camper.

Funky Junk Hollie and Jennifer at the Farm Chicks after party; and my cute little vintage purse sparkling away on the table.

So, the things you saw at Farm Chicks in both Funky Junk Jennifer and Funky Junk Hollie's booths, those were just a preview of our Labor Day show to come...okay, so Jennifer's booth was so incredible and mine had some of the best junk ever, but really, we and our vendors have all summer long to get ready for Labor Day...just imagine!

The "e" I scavenged from my mom's stash of's perfect for the boys playroom, which eventually will have white walls and red thrown in for good measure. The old small kitchen island holding the e is also from mom and going in my office (tip: pack up time is a reallly good time to ask for things/go make bargains with very tired vendors, wink, wink).

The AMAZING set of lockers I picked up at one of my new favorite booths-The Old School House. I loved every bit of that booth in Bay 4...talented lady that Stacy! I want to put the lockers in my oldest boys room; the reason I loved this set is because my boys cannot lock each other inside. And because they are white!! and not too tall and well, I'm in love.

Saying goodbye to a dear, amazingly talented, sweet and all around wonderful person, Kristin Dobson (Sophia's). I went to her moving sale last weekend to ease some of my Farm Chicks homesickness, and to make sure I got a hug. I walked away with a snowblower-Mark was pretty happy. The Funky Junk family will miss Kristin and her incredible spirit, her family, and her booth very, very much! Now I have an excuse to find a way to visit down South! Blessings to her and her family!!

When the lovely Hurd Mercantile girls offered this week to hand out some of our Funky Junk Save the Date tags for our Labor Day show in Sandpoint, ID, I decided it was finally time to take a day trip with my mom to Rockford, just outside of the Spokane Valley.

Mom and I loved shopping around, and the boys loved running up and down the stairs; yes, two floors of shopping fun!!

The Doris Day coloring book purchased from my booth, perfectly displayed=)!

Right next door in the grand wine room is a treat; it's full of a really fun assortment of wines, including this Backroads Palouse bottle, side by side with vintage toy trucks; all of which my boys thought were "awesome" and wanted to take home.

Want. Pink. Rotary. Phone. There was also a blue, a mixed teal and black, and I think another one I'm missing. There are awesome vintage finds at Hurd!

My sweet & strong little Liam holding my winning Facebook gift from the Hurd Merc. girls! Two, count them two, huge Martha Stewart books-The New Classics Cookbook and The Encyclopedia of Crafts...and a cute red bow!

The over the top adorable perfect gift my mom bought for me at Hurd Merc. She showed it to me, said: you need this in your office, don't you, I said breathlessly: oh my goodness yes, it's the exact color scheme,and perfect everything!!

So, while parting Farm Chicks is such sweet sorrow (paraphrased), I'm grateful for the creative people I get to continue to share with; through blogs, Facebook, face time, and memories.




  1. Farm Chicks was definitely a sight to see! While there I picked up one of your Funky Junk save-the-date tags -- such a cute design! (wish I'd thought of it!)

  2. Hi Hollie, I'm Courtney - you met me at your Funky Junk show and again at Farm Chicks with my friend Becca from Wanderlux! My booth was A Cottage Life at Farm Chicks. I was just down from Jennifer. So I totally made that "Keep Calm and Buy Vintage" art your Mom bought you at Hurd Mercantile! I sold it to a nice lady at Farm Chicks! So funny and shocked to see it here on your blog but thrilled it has landed in your home!

  3. Hi Hollie! Hooray!! I've been so upset that I haven't been able to leave my favorite people comments, but we are now back to commenting...I LOVED your booth and all your sweetness, Cel & I did make it to your row of fun treasures, but didn't get to see you working. It was a very fun show and we to meet so many wonderful people, isn't that what it's all about. We will be calling you soon, when weather is nice and warm for a swim day. See you soon my friend!

    xo Glad & Cel

  4. Yep... That adorable sign is a Cottage Life original! Don't you just love Courtney's style??
    Love all your amazing photos and finds this year Hollie!

  5. Thank you Miss Into Vintage;)!! The Save the Date tags are the genious of our designer, my sister, Heidi Jantz!! She saved the day with those!!=)

    Thanks so much Courtney, I am soo thrilled to know the designer of my art piece...I thought I'd seen it somewhere else, I have no doubt I glimpsed it at Farm Chicks in your wonderful booth!...While running by I'm sure...and how fun that you are Becca's friend..this is why I love Farm Chicks~

    Thank you sweet Gladys!! I have missed commenting also...can't wait to see you soon...

    Chantel, so nice to meet you! THanks for the sweet comment..

    And if anyone is having a hard time leaving comments, I am so sorry, Blogger is on my last nerve=)

  6. So sad I missed Kristen's sale! We were busy with our neighborhood sale.Love the pink phone,your save the date tags,the locker, and well, all of it!

  7. Thanks jennifer=)!! i wish I could have come to your neighborhood sale...we were getting the house ready for our party!...Now I can post about that and now we have our neighborhood sale this week=)!

  8. I love Farm Chicks for the same reason. Oh and because I came with a sizable Farm Chicks budget this year (compared to my typical little egg money stash ;-) ). I met a new friend waiting in line and it's been so fun to hang out with her! P.S. Love that you have my blog on your blogroll but would you possibly be able to update it to my new one :-D? It'd be super awesome then!!

  9. Hi Cary...I do love the friend making junk finding...especially with enough to spend=)...!!


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