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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Blessings

 From my home to yours...
 A hope for peace, joy and laughter...
 to fill your gatherings this year.
 Time well spent...
 celebrating over games...
 greetings by mail.
 Retelling the story of the first gathering...
 and relearning what draws us near and far, together.
 "So once in every year....we throng;
Upon a day apart,
 To praise the Lord with feast and song;
In thankfulness of heart."
(Postcard mailed on Nov. 2, 1915 from Kansas City, Kansas to Clarence Mo.)
 May this year be filled with overflowing blessings to be thankful for the next.

"For love present, ills past-and good to come, may our hearts rejoice this Thanksgiving Day.
May your joys be as countless
As the countless grains."
(Postcard mailed Nov. 27, 1917 from Seattle, Wash. to Corvallis, Oregon)
Happy Thanksgiving~
Hollie & family


  1. And happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well! Hope it's a wonderful and delicious one!

  2. I am thankful for my precious mama and so many sweet new friends!

    Have a wonderfully sweet Thanksgiving, Hollie!

    : )

    Julie M.

  3. I hope it was a great one!! Sorry I'm late..
    xxx Liz

  4. Thankful for you all!!=) It was a wonderful, warm and yummy day=)!

  5. Have a lovely time gearing up for Christmas, dear Hollie x


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