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Friday, July 9, 2010

To Barn & Market

What a day to be a junker! I stuffed four of my favorite junking activites all into one not long enough day. In the early morning I set out in my silver Odyssey in search of treasures in a nearby neighborhood. It didn't take long before my junking hunch was totally rewarded. If I wouldn't have been driving, I would have been skipping from sale to sale, all with a sparkle in my eye while breaking out into some sort of junking joy song. After dropping a van load at home (into an already packed garage), I marked and cleaned my treasure trove that would soon be set for the Latah Market. I hugged my boys before I drove to run errands, which took me all all over Trent looking for a strip of metal. It was not to be found, so I have a new project for next week.

Driving on Trent, I glimpsed a window of All That Glitters, and so wished I could have stopped and peeked, but kept on driving straight to Rathdrum, to visit Rolane and some of her vendors who were setting up for The Vintage Barn show. Shoppers are in for a treat, every booth was filled with wonders! Rolane generously took time to chat with me and I took time to admire her spread of property, barn, house, and a darling playhouse to boot!

Time was ticking, so I started the drive back to Spokane and managed to arrive just in time to help load up my dad's truck and our van (well, Mark loaded it) full of furniture and finds. The hours flew setting up for the Chaps Latah Market, full of sharing stories with friends, admiring booth construction and contents and last but not least, getting to work. I have another full van load packed and ready to roll early tomorrow morning. I'm so excited that I get to spend the weekend with all of the wonderful people that make the shows in this part of the junking world pure pleasure. So, on to pancakes (Chaps), cookies (Cake), eye candy (market finds) and sweets (all of you!). Now if only I could find a sale open at 7 a.m....


  1. I hope you had a great show.
    We had friends from Portland area set up at The Vintage Barn. They did last years show and had a great time

  2. Great blog post, Hollie! Both shows were great and Shelley and I loved seeing you, as always. You are a ray of sunshine! (you could have turned it down a bit on Sat. though! Ha!)

    Mermaid Debbie

  3. Did i miss the Vintage Barn sale in Rathdrum? Darn it!!!

  4. Heard that the Barn was a great time for all! A little hot here in the Inland Northwest, but good for some vintiquing!! I had a great time at Latah!


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