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Thursday, November 25, 2010

A tree fell on my house; or I'm thankful for Martha Stewart

Some things are expected when you move, some are not. We expected to be tired, have many projects to do, to be overwhelmed and to help our boys adjust to our new surroundings. We did not, however, expect to wake up 5 days into our new home to a neighbors 40 year old, huge pine tree ripping into our roof and leaning into our boys bathroom ceiling. The fallout (ha, ha) from the tree in our house has been blessedly the best case scenario. Yes, the bathroom ceiling has two gaping holes and there is a tarp on our roof, now covered in icicles. But the tree really fell on the right place, not into my sleeping boys bedroom next door. It didn't hit any utilities, and while a roof truss is broken, nothing is seriously damaged. A testament to a strong 1971 home, and we believe angels sent from above.

So, now our moving in is shifted for a while from decorating to surviving and repairing. I'd rather be spending my money on painting and flooring instead of a large home owners deductible, but we are safe and sound. I mentioned in my last post that I was loving Martha Stewart's paint line from Home Depot. This is still true, even more so now. I have simple, hopeful vinegettes around my chaotic, box filled home. I have a paint chip sitting in my laundry room bath (Brook Trout) next to a perfect vintage frame I found in my own Funky Junk collection that daily mirrors my tired face. Martha's amazing foam floor mat is sitting in the entry between my laundry room and kitchen reminding me that my kitchen's 70's era chipping, dirty linoleum is not forever. And I brought over our little orange and ghost pumpkins and found homes for them, some nestled on our rock fireplace (which can grow moss, we hear, if sprayed with water!), looking forward to the day I can paint all the walls the delicious colors I choose.

I'm cultivating thankfulness this week because it is the times when things are the hardest that need that we need this spirit the most. So follows my thankful list:
~Even though we are still trying to sell our old home, I'm grateful for the opportunity to even have attempted and purchased this amazing home we now live in. And while I do not like shoveling two driveways, I'm grateful for our old neighbors who used their snow blower to make a path for prospective buyers. And as a bonus, the snow covered the mass amount of pine needles still on the ground at our new home.
~That even though our bathroom floor is still wood sub-floor since removing the disturbing carpet, it's a floor I couldn't ruin while dying my roots this morning.
~The waiting time for projects and repairs to even get started and the visual chaos of my home right now has pushed me to rest in what is important. Like my husband has a good job. Like we have health insurance. Like my sweet little boys who have thanked me often this week.
~Though I am out scraping snow off of my banged up, in need of tuning up and snow tires Odyssey in sub-zero temperatures this week because our garage is still filled with moving boxes, for goodness sake we have two working, serviceable vehicles and the money for gas to run them!!!
~Though our old houses neighborhood has way prettier snow, two doors down from this house is some of our (amazing) dear friends and their children who are my boys close friends. And what am I complaining about, there are Christmas-like trees lining our back yard for me to gaze out our picture window at when I'm in need of cheering up.
~Even with our two exhausting weekends of moving (and numerous small trips before and still now) I am ever thankful for our growth group and church friends from Whitworth Presbyterian and for all of my immediate family who has made our move even possible, and sometimes fun!!

So, if we harvest what we cultivate I should be in good shape today, I am blessed beyond measure. Happy Thanksgiving to all of my blogger, facebook and virtual world friends; may grace and blessings be poured into your lives this season! Love, Hollie


  1. My favorite grateful part was that you couldn't ruin your bathroom floor while dying your hair! funny :)

  2. Reminds me of when we were like 6 months from paying off our van and a tree fell on it during a crazy windstorm and squished it flat...and I too love Martha's colors and hope you have a blast decorating your new home! See you soon my friend in yellow!

  3. =)thanks Heidi...oh Erin!!! Thank you for sharing, it helps to hear these stories=)...see you soon indeed!!=)

  4. So many possabilities! I am so glad you have your new house and good spirits! And Thank you Martha! Cheers!

  5. Oh wow, having a tree fall on your house must have been pretty shocking! Well, it's good to know that no one was hurt... except maybe for the house. How big was the damage on the ceiling? Did it hit the siding as well? Trees are pretty heavy so they are bound to do a bit of damage when they fall on a house...or practically anything.


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