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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Welcome Home to the 70's or I love Martha Stewart

This week marks a momentous occasion for my family. We are moving from our home of 11 years (exactly!) into a home built right between the years my husband and I entered this world. Our three little boys have only known this house we live in (and still own, though really want to sell) and are about to have a radical life change. We're just moving across town, from east to west. But we're moving into a home 30 years older than the one we've been living in for the past decade.

My husband and I had no desire to move. We knew how much work it would be to pack up our house, much less to actually move. When our friends pointed out that the house two doors down was available, we were intrigued. Which was weird, because of our complete lack of desire to move, even into this coveted neighborhood. But as we investigated, we discovered that we had found our next home. So the crazy plan to get our house ready for a For Sale sign ensued. It took many backbreaking days of packing up, POD-ing our stuff and finishing projects, but we did it just in time for Labor Day. And then we offered on our house to be. There was much drama with offering, almost losing our house to another bid, reoffering, financing and constant prayer to produce a miracle.

We have our new "old" home. And we still have our old "new" home. Wow, living the American Dream. While we wait anxiously (most days), we are still strangely and completely at peace waiting to sell. And making our 70's house move in ready has become another full time job. My husband has labored away painting the popcorn (read:asbestos) ceilings to seal them as best we can for the time being. We had a contractor newly sheetrock and carpet our boys rooms and new (amazing and huge!) playroom just because our boys will be boys. And while he was at it, we asked to add fans to our bathrooms. Just because I'm OCD that way. Don't get me started on the carpet in our master bath. It WILL be gone by Thursday.

But I got to do some of the fun redoing and revamping this week. My sister and I recently went and picked out paint samples. I've been very drawn to the Martha Stewart palette of colors at Home Depot. I love all sorts of paint types and brands and colors, but this year, her color line completely goes with the vintage and retro reality that I will soon be moving into. I'm very much in love with "Bone Folder" this week, a creamy off white that my sister choose for my much in need of painting laundry room. I'm looking at Brook Trout (brown) for the above flower child bathroom and cannot wait to hold up as many luscious Martha color samples as I want when I move in in just a few days.

This is what is fun about the medium fixer upper with really good bones that is our home. Mostly there are just cosmetic changes, things we can easily handle, bit by bit. Some things I can live with. For awhile. Some I made emphatically clear to my bewildered husband: I CAN NOT! He has found a great new line this week, and I quote: "Whatever you want to do." Music to my ears! Here I come Home Depot!


  1. I am LOVING the wallpaper!! Seriously though, I am excited to see how this unfolds! I love Martha's colors too, can hardley wait to see the house! Love, Jennifer

  2. Hi Hollie! We can't wait to see the redo! We do have an avocado green kitchen table and chrome, swivel chairs that would be right at home.Hee! Hee! See you soon XO Glad & Cel/Junebug

  3. HI, when we moved to our 1972 farm house 7 years ago, we had red and orange shag carpet and wood paneling and loads of wallpaper! We remodeled the whole thing... now we have a for sale sign up too! But have no idea where our new home is, I can't wait to see what you do to this home!

  4. So fun! Congratulations! Hope yesterday went well with all that painting you had to get done. Wish I could have made it to the garage sale but it was just one of those weeks of too much time in the car already. Happy Monday!

  5. SO many possibilities! I love that a lot of the motifs (like the linoleum at the base of the stairs) are totally en vogue again. Can't wait to see you work your magic! I just acquired a mid century loveseat and matching chair to redo . . . might go perfectly somewhere in Spokane . . . ; )

  6. Yes, getting rid of the 70's... a theme I know all too well. What were they thinking back then? It took us 5 years to do ours, but then we sold it. I think it cured me from wanting another "project" for a while.

    I'm so glad that you were able to get your house after all! You'll love that area - make sure you take some walks down by St. George's and the Fish Hatchery. Too bad I had to move away or we'd almost be neighbors!

    Can't wait to see your after pics...


  7. Congratulations!! Sounds like a fun challenge is before you. I can't wait to see what you do with it. Wish I could've made it to your garage sale. Hope you sold a lot!! We are currently in project hell trying to get our house on the market. I vastly underestimated all that needed to be done and how long it would take. :(

    Good luck with everything--

    Sisters Creed

  8. Thanks girls!! It should be quite an adventure...Mark is still finishing painting the ceilings...all of you talented DIYers would do great things I know=)...Bit by bit is reality for now!!! I'll keep you updated...some I can live with; some we'll see how long! Thanks for all the encouragement!=)

  9. Congratulations ! I'd love to sell my home and move into one two doors down but Im not sure how to go about it. I lack guts so fear and uncertainty will keep me prisoner until the last penny of my mortgage is paid off. Stripping away the 70's must be a blast though! Nothing says ugly like "Harvest Gold" & "Avocado Green" Best of luck! I cant wait to see photos of the redone home!
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