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Monday, August 29, 2011

Funky Junk Vendor Profile & Giveaway!!

It's almost time again, for vendors to load up trailers and pick ups, Uhauls and vans, and bring them bursting (I speak from experience) full of treasures, finds and creations to Funky Junk fall in Sandpoint, ID. ( ) It is a privelege for Jennifer and I to work alongside so many talented and generous vendors, here are just two of the 30....

One of the vendors who will be traveling up to Funky Junk fall is Coquille Gallagher, of Coquille Vintage. She has been hitting the junking trail for well over a decade, and is skilled and well versed in so many genres. She calls herself a "carpentress" and has lately added to her repretoire designing and building work stations, like the amazing blue one you will see in my Joy Harvest booth.

Coquille is someone who cares very much about every piece, and it shows. She designs, repurposes, reupholsters, paints, repairs, and rebuilds almost everything in her booths.

This is Coquille's second time at Funky Junk, her booth in the spring wowed us, and we expect great things from her this again!

So make sure you take a peek inside Coquille's booth, and enjoy every finish, detail and creation! You can also follow her on Facebook under Coquille Vintage & on her blog at

One of our longest attending vendor, and all around favorite people is Robyn Pirie, the curator and owner of the fabulous Scout. The pieces I have bought from her are still among my favorites, and I've seen some of the incredible finds she is bringing this time to Sandpoint...her booth is not to miss!

Her design asthetic is spot on, and she is extremely knowledgeable about her vintage clothing, jewlery and carefully picked pieces for the home. Her booth is a perrennial (or bi-annual, well, anyway, a twice yearly) fan and vendor favorite. This is one of the many gorgeous displays in her home.

I think Robyn mentioned creating something with this fantastic tin celing tile to bring to Funky Junk fall....hmmm.... Make sure you take some time to linger in Scout's booth and enjoy every single booth and vendor, and we'll see you very soon!!

And now for a little giveaway...I'll be randomly drawing for someone to recieve a Funky Junk necklace and a Funky Junk tee...and you know I always throw in a little something else along for the, just post that you follow Funky Junk Antique Show on Facebook and this blog; and for an extra entry, post that you follow Jennifer's great blog !! Next time: Vendor list & sneak peeks~Hollie


  1. Everyone knows that I am an avid supporter of the Funky Junk Antique Show. The Rusty Pine Junk Co. will be celebrating our one year anniversary in Sandpoint this year.

    I truly love the inspiration that Hollie and Jennifer bring to their business and their blogs. Love them all.

    Barbara Ackerman
    Rusty Pine Junk Co.

  2. Hi! Hope the summer treated you well! This will be my 4th Funky Junk and It is so wonderful to have people like Hollie and Jennifer who support Artists, like me, in their shows! They are always fun and full of energy! xoxo
    Erin Campbell
    Ladybird Creations

  3. Can't wait! We are planning a trip to Sandpoint just for your show!See you on Saturday!

  4. I am so excited for all the Super-Star Finds that will be at this show. I've had some sneak previews of some of the junk and it really might be some of the best ever!

  5. Hollie,
    I love your blog! You have such an eye for fun things to display around your home. My husband is not as forgiving as yours; I have to limit my collections. So I live vicariously through your posts.
    I have read your blog for a few months, "liked" you on facebook, and am thrilled to discover Jennifer has a blog as well.
    Keep on junkin'
    (who is sad Sandpoint is so far from Seattle)

  6. I follow you on facebook and your blog! Love it!

  7. Besides being your blog stalker (lol), I'm an avid follower! :)
    See you at the show this weekend!

  8. Thanks all, very sweet words!! I'm closing the giveaway at 7 p.m. (PST) tonight and will let all know the winner then!!

  9. I am a new follower and shared you on facebook! I sure hope I did this correctly! See you Saturday.

  10. I think I might just have made new plans for Labor day Weekend!! (A new follower as well)

  11. I hope to make the trek down to see the show. Both of you ladies are right up my alley! Two new blogs to follow.
    nikki lawrence

  12. Hello! I follow all three (the blogs and facebook). I really wish I could come out and see this show! All of it looks fantastic! :] However, I wouldn't mind supporting you with a t-shirt! :]

  13. Great stuff!!! I've been following on fb since I found out about the show last month :) BTW, is there a link somewhere or info about becoming a vendor??? Would love to know -

  14. Thank you girls!! So fun to read all the comments...I just finished packing up =)...And we had a 2 1/2 year old pulled the winning tag out of a vintage watering can=)...And the winner is....Melissa from Seattle!! Woo hoo...I'll be sending a package your way next week=)!!....I really need to do an "everybody wins giveaway"=)...Lots of love~H


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