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Thursday, January 26, 2012

About A Boy's Room

 While January takes it sweet time to wind down, I will take this opportunity to share the bit I've done to decorate my boy's rooms.  I don't get much space, just the walls, and I know in a few years those will be off limits to me as they grow older and more picky. This dog canvas however is a fan favorite.  I picked it up at T.J. Maxx in December and added the Dog & Boy vintage letters I brought home with me from Hunt & Gather in Minneapolis this September.
 I've edited my vintage displays and changed out elements as the boys have grown; the cowboy pattern and plastic cowboy & horse figure, block and tin whistle and Modern Boy book have stayed for several years, they are just way, way too cool!  The moon globe actually sits on a crater-like stand.  It was in my booth way back until I realized I was never going to find another 1960's treasure like it, so it is staying, always.  I grabbed the deposit sign also at Hunt & Gather for a steal while trolling through the basement with
 my friend Celeste Shaw.
 Ah, the pirate ship paint by number art! It is by far one of my most special pieces.  I had three of them in one of my first booths at The Farm Chicks show in Fairfield.  Two of Serena's youngest boys bought the other two (which I think they still have) and I decided to keep one for my boys.  I love globes.  They make any room look amazing, and are multipurpose because they are not only 3D art, but they are interactive too.  I pick them up whenever I can find them for a decent price.  My mid-century Space coloring book is in perfect condition, sorry boys, no coloring allowed in that one.  And I ordered the white wood BOY letters three years ago when I was on bed rest with my youngest boy, with the intent to paint and hang them.  As you can see they are still white but I love the differing fonts.
My boys begged for glass Ball jars this summer and since I always pick those up when I see them too, to use for anything and everything, I gave them a couple.  They use them for marbles and saving up their coins.  Old blocks always rock; these particular ones are numbered so I made a math problem out of them. 
 One of my favorite things to display as wall art is vintage and antique game boards, the colors are always bold and the graphics rock. 
 My business partner Jennifer ( knew I was looking for a new storage cabinet for my boy's room at our Fall Funky Junk show.  So when she led me to this A-MA-ZING find, I immediately purchased it. The inside was clean and the shelves are orange and huge, so it holds all the necessary but messy looking things I want to hide in their room.
 Moving on to my baby, who is now almost 3 1/2; I've filled his shelves with vintage letters and number finds and antique vehicles...
 books and records and retro toys (special thanks to Robyn Pirie of Scout Vintage for Mr. Pony),
 and way up high on his bookshelf is my awesome blue metal child's toy high chair and yellow squeaky giraffe, both of which I've had since my oldest was 1.  The other giraffe was Finn's favorite chewing toy from Land of Nod, and the horse and rider was a toy of mine from the 70's.  Funnily enough, giving credence to the phrase, it's a small world, I had spied this particular toy on a favorite blog of mine written by a delightful lady in Australia!
 A shelf of favs; a mix of reproduction (O Boy pop bottle flower and Do Not Disturb birdy sign) and vintage retro glory (fin card for my Finn boy from Hunt & Gather; plastic truck 49c tag and red and blue plastic toy oil truck).  Finn has singlehandedly broken the most of my collections, so everything too special has to go up.  Way up.
 I moved the boys smaller white medicine cabinet from their room to the bathroom to accomplish two things: first and foremost, to put my amazing vintage bath inspired collections up and away from water and boys (a dangerous combination) and second to hide away a few things like scissors and band aids (again, you have no idea what boys can dream up when you think they are playing quietly). 
The ducks are all vintage, the star clock is from Pottery Barn Kids 9 years ago, (we color matched the yellow for our former home's boys bathroom and I painted a cute dresser this yellow-which will be at Funky Junk Spring show in Spokane).  I added the amazing packaged toothbrush that I've had as long as I've been junking, a crossing guard patch from Hunt & Gather (where you can hunt & gather super cool things!!) my wood blocks which actually I realized have double meaning put in a bathroom (not my real intent and I'm hoping the boys don't figure that out), a car hood ornament and oil cans from my summer farm pick.
Going up the stairs to the bedrooms is a wall where we decided to add a homework desk this fall.  It has functioned perfectly, but the desk is 1970's wood and gold pulls so it is a painting project I will share this summer when the weather is painting worthy! 
I hung this shelf and put my three favorite breakable vintage animals from my collection.  Many had to go when we moved, but these three remained.  I found the incredible 3 (like the incredible E I have in our TV room) from one of my favorite stylists/artists/Farm Chicks vendors/friends Nia Sayers of  My vignette makes me smile and take a deep breath whenever the yellow and white wallpaper is on my last and I mean very last designing nerve.
So much more to do and so much more to share! Till next time~stay warm and keep creating!


  1. Hollie! These posts have been so fun to read. Your house looks awesome. I love it! All the vintage touches really make a house a home in my opinion. :) Especially fun to see a boys room. My girls rooms are so much easier to decorate with vintage finds but this last year Kameron said enough was enough and his little boy vintage cowboy room had to go.:( Now it is a sleek gray and orange room with lots of sports posters and pinewood derby cars. But I am loving the idea of the game boards...and globes are a staple!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a fun room, Hollie! I love the dog canvas and all the goodies! The basement of Hunt and Gather is one of my favorite spots!

  3. Thanks Kristin, I'm betting your kids rooms are all amazing!!! Would love to see...And thanks Linda=) I had fun collecting!!

  4. love your boys' room...adore all the vintage! :) thanks so much for visiting me and leaving a comment! :)


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