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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Love

 I love mugs of coffee and hot chocolate, especially with peeps floating on top....
 I love watching the snow fall outside through my big picture windows...
 I love bringing winter greenery inside...
 I love freshly fallen snow on logs...
 And the incongruity of snow on budding limbs...
 I love dogs playing in powdery snow...
 and my boys helping me shovel the drifts...
 I love my sweater mug to warm my cold hands...
 I love sparkly snow falling from trees...
 and pink mittens to grab a handful of new snow...
I love my vintage star hanging in my bedroom window...
In my world, January looks much brighter with a fresh layer of snow...


  1. I love that sweater mug! Thanks for sharing the snowy tidbits from your January. :)

  2. Oh Hollie! You make me almost miss the snow! What a beautiful post. Snow does look so pretty when it falls and is all fluffy...the girls miss it. I don't yet...may take a few more years without it for me to miss that stuff!

    Love your sweater mug...where did you get that?


    1. I hope Hollie don't mind me answering ya, but, the sweater mug came from Starbuck's a couple years back.

  3. We've got the same sweater mug! :) It's one of my favs too! And pink mittens are the best! It looks like we live in the same neighborhood here on the eastern side of Washington.

    Happy snow day!

  4. What a sweet post, Hollie! Helps me look at our snow in a new way...and everyone knows I live for summertime!
    I'm gonna float a little peep in my next mug of cocoa. :)

  5. Oh Kristin=) is beautiful, I'm just a snow girl...and yep the mug came from Starbucks, thanks Deborah!!=) Linda I totally recommend floating a peep...makes you feel unbelievably cheered;)!

  6. My Snow storm is on it's way tonight.
    Celebrating by staying in my pj's all day!!
    Thanks for sharing your pics. They are
    fantastic. Stay warm!
    xxx Liz

    Kiss those boys from me :)
    PS. Loving the pic on FB of you
    and your Hubbs.

  7. Thanks Liz!! We loved our snow day and I'll happily give them kisses=)~


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