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Monday, March 22, 2010

Friends of Junking

I was talking to one of our Funky Junk Antique Show vendors today for a minute, who happens to also be a dear friend, and she was telling me all about all of the creating, sewing, junking she's been doing for the show. I listened in awe and cannot wait to see what she's pulled together!
I also know of some of her finds since we got to junk briefly in Coeur d' Alene together a couple of weekends ago. I also know of a little something that I am fully prepared to purchase from her, because I was with her when she scored it=). And we all know that there is a code among junkers that it is finders keepers, unless the person with you cries....ah, how many times have I watched the junk that got away walk right by me!
Well, good thing there are shows to go to and see all of the beautiful finds of others, whether repurposed, recyled, cleaned up and displayed. I really am super excited about this show, new decade, new feel, some really awesome vendors!! It is all about love, fun & junk.
How great is that?


  1. Good Luck at your upcoming show! I am bummed that I will be out of town and won't get to see all the wonderful vintage finds!


  2. Thanks Jennifer, and thanks Serena!! Love to you both!! Hollie=)


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