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Monday, March 29, 2010

Toys & Boys

I love listening to my three little guys play, it's like listening to a different language being spoken, one that I am still learning. I grew up with two sisters and so have been actually delighted to enter the world of boys. But most of the time I need a translator, a position which Daddy fills nicely, except when I don't understand what he's saying.
Today I had the boys clean out their cars for our garage sale this week. (Am I crazy? Having a garage sale and Funky Junk within two weeks? The answer is yes.) But it was fun to see them work out which ones would stay, which ones they would sell, and how they negotiated the in betweens. I'll let you know that I don't ask them to something I don't do myself. Every time I've had a booth filled with my vintage finds, I find myself deciding which will stay in my own collection (for a while, I say), which pieces can go, and negotiating with myself on the in betweens.
I love that my boys are starting to understand the world of junking, of Funky Junk and antiques, and learning what is valuable to them, and why.
By the way, I saved two of my oldest's choices. One is staying in the bin for now (a vintage metal combine) and one is going in the sale (a vintage metal catepillar). We'll be negotiating on the rest.

Check out tomorrow for another vendor highlight!

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  1. Hi Hollie! I'm so glad to see your blog posts. Makes Spokane feel a little bit closer. I'm thinking about gearing up for the season. Just finished a huge custom job last weekend and then after a handful of custom jobs in April, I should be free to work on my own projects. There's a new once a month junk market starting in Seattle in May that I might check out. Tell Jennifer hi from me and good luck with all the details leading up to the show! Hope it's the best one yet~ (hi to your fam too!)


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