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Friday, May 14, 2010

Birthday Girls

I've been noticing that reading my blogs it looks like I have an amazing social life...restaurants, shopping, junking road trips, oh my! However, it's only because my two lovely sisters and my equally lovely mother have had their (annual) birthdays three weeks in a row that I have been wined and dined and galavanting around town like a lady of leisure. And Funky Junk provides such wonderful opportunities to "work" outside the home in so many satisfying ways!

This week is the annual Lilac Parade and Festival in Spokane, WA where I and my family lives, and just in time, our lilacs are blooming, the sun is shining, and May is being beautiful! Our birthday girl finale for the spring was my sister Heidi's birthday this week. For some early birthday fun, I invited her to meet with some new and awesome junking friends, Timi of Come Junk With Us and her friend Laura. We met at the Peacock Room at the gorgeous historic and fantastically renovated Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane. Timi was visiting from beautiful Snohomish, WA getting plans laid for her junk junket, coming over with a caravan full of shoppers for a weekend of fun at The Farm Chicks in June. We had cocktails, Laura had the Lilac Cosmo and I had the Cherry Blossom...yum!! We like to buy local. It was such a great time to laugh (really hard) and talk "business"...I told you my "work" is pretty great.

On Heidi's big day, I finished some projects at home in the morning (read: fold mounds of laundry, wrap the birthday girl's gifts, do dishes and have our oldest Haden watch a DVD while I do all of the above. All, well.) while Heidi and my mom got a head start on shopping downtown. They visited The Fringe And The Fray where Heidi got a vintage vase, and Tangerine, a super cute boutique where Heidi picked out a yellow tank (it's the color of the year, you know!) and a white cardigan. I raced to meet them for a fabulous lunch at Scratch-that is going to be our new repeat place to eat!!! I'm still remembering all the food I wanted to order but was too happily full to! I gave Heidi her gifts from me, mostly vintage finds, as Heidi is a modern girl with an old school appreciation.

We then made our way downtown for some extra birthday shopping and finally met at Downriver Grill on Northwest Blvd. for Heidi's traditional birthday dinner there. Love the DRG burger and fries with Wow. After dinner, we went to Heidi's vintage home on Audubon Park for cake and presents and all of the goodies she made for us! Who throws their own birthday party? Well, Heidi did and made it look so stylish, we all just hung around the table to eat the sweets and treats and laughed and talked until we were ready to go to bed to dream of lemon candies and Cupcake wine.

What a beautiful day with a beautiful girl. Heidi is one of those designers who I just eat up her work. She made eye candy for all of us to savor, but being with her and her generous spirit is always the real treat.


  1. Thank you for you words my sister! It was a blessing to have you with me on my bday - and to celebrate with such special people!

  2. No problem sister=) You look beautiful! As do your creations!!

  3. We are sending 'Birthday Blessings' to Heidi! Looks like you girls had a great time.

    We know you love being the little socialite! Have fun, you deserve to.
    We are happy you will be a Farm Chicks this year.
    Glad & Celia/Junebug

  4. Thanks Junebug=)...I do love the social life of junking, I must admit! Can't wait to see you at FC!!!


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