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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Farm Chicks Peek

I feel a little like I'm going back to the first day of school. There are going to be some amazing people and booths at Farm Chicks 2010 and to be there as a vendor again after so many years, well I'm a little nervous, and more than a little in awe. This is the show that gave me my start. When Serena and Teri gave me a booth way back when in 2004, they really gave me a path as a stay at home/work at home mom that I have followed and mapped ever since.

So this week I've been creating, and tagging and cleaning and remembering, and looking forward. Can't wait to see you there-make sure to come and say hi to me and my friend Christy, Ballyhoo Girl in our Joy Harvest Hollie/Funky Junk booths #190 & 191. This is going to be some weekend!!


  1. Hi Sweetie! We are so excited for Farm Chicks too ~ Is It Christmas Yet! We having been cleaning, repairing, creating, and pricing...our poor little hands, they need some rest too. See you soon! Glad & Celia/Junebug

  2. I can't wait to see what your pink furniture treasure is :)

    Can't wait for the show...just a few more days!!


  3. Okay, is that a pink dial phone and if so how much do you want for it right now? :) LOL

  4. It does feel like Christmas and Back to School all in one=)!! I started with blue and yellow as my theme and then pink kept finding her way in=) little pink dial Princess phone...I rescued her and I'm not sure she'll work, but she sure it pretty!!! Cannot wait to see all of you girls!!
    Lots of Love, Hollie=)


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