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Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day Hooray!

Every May Day when my sisters and I were little, our mom would pick spring flower bouquets straight from her garden, wrap them in saran wrap and send us on our way. We would take the flowers, hang them on our neighbors doors, ring the doorbell and run like the wind to hide, leaving a beautiful surprise for our neighbors to find.

Since I have had my own children, I have tried to continue this lovely spring tradition on, usually with limited involvement from my rough and tumble boys. But today, I included them in the process. I'm not going to say it was smooth and neat, but it was a highlight of my day, and a kind act and memory of leaving beautiful surprises for their neighbors and aunties.

1. I gathered our materials-pretty much from the far corners of my house. Scissors, adhesive (I used scrapbook glue dots), hole punch, wax paper or plastic kitchen wrap, vintage clothes pins, twine, ribbon (vintage, from my vast collection), vintage wallpaper scraps (though any sturdy cardstock will work).

2. I rolled my wallpaper into cone shapes, and secured the top with a clothespin, then used my glue dots to secure other points of the paper. I then punched a hole on each side of the top of the cone and tied ribbon to form a "handle".

3. The boys and I cut fresh flowers from the yard and I made small bouquets. I wrapped the stems with a pouch of wax paper filled with a little bit of water and tied with twine.

4. The wrapped bouquets slid into our cones, and I added our "Happy May Day" tags-mine were written by my seven year old. I think that's it!

5. Now the fun part. Haden delivered one to our next door neighbor, and rang the doorbell, and even said "Happy May Day"!!, I delivered one to my sister (we drove around North Spokane for our extended delivery area), Finn (and I) delivered one to my friend, and Liam delivered our last gift to my youngest sister and her husband's door. (he asked me not to ring the doorbell, and he tiptoed).

A beautiful afternoon filled with beautiful surprises.


  1. I am such a grateful recipient of this Awesome May Day Basket! It was such a blessing to see on my door when I came home after working a long shift (good, but busy and long). It truly made my day to think that somebody was thinking of me! And the design rocked : the beautiful flowers, Haden's writing on tag and the vintage wallpaper cone. Way to Go Hollie!!

  2. Thanks sister, it was a joy to deliver, and a fun project to work on=)

  3. What a sweetie you are to give your sis a lovely May Day basket. Very cute!

    Thanks for your comments, we so appreciate them, looking forward to seeing you soon. Glad & Cel/Junebug

  4. I'm reading this post a little late, but these would be sweet for Mother's Day too!

  5. They would totally be sweet for Mom's Day!! I would love to get one;)...wink, wink to my sis!!
    I love how we all build on our ideas!


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