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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I love coffee.

I was just thinking how much I love rainy, cloudy days. This isn't something I often share with the general public, since I seem to be in the minority. In fact, sunny days and heat have actually always been hard on me and my body, I'm prone to migraines and heat stroke, so living in the Inland Northwest, particularly Spokane is so perfect! You (usually) get the just right amount of each season, and when you are ready for a change, there it is! I must say as a caveat however, having three little boys has really helped me make peace with summer the last year or so.

So, on a rainy day, if I have nothing scheduled, well, let's face it, no matter what time of year, or weather, I go for coffee. But some days, the weather calls for a special trip to the coffee shop. I do love local coffee haunts and all of their personality, it's just that Starbucks and I go way back. I met my latte friend in 1991 in Tacoma, my freshman year at PLU. Since then, we've been nearly insperable. Even while on bedrest in 2008, people would bring me decaf drinks as a treat, and the minute I was up and out, I reignited my relationship with Starbucks.

The other day I took two of my cuties to visit their auntie at the Starbucks far up Grand where she is a Barista, and had a little fortifying refreshment. Plus, I got my oldest, who has multiple food allergies, his favorite new allergen friendly "Lucy's cookies" which are (Praise God) sold at Starbucks, and my other two their fav. owl and pussycat cookies. So, all of us were happy, at least for a time, our cloudy day brightened, and mommy was caffenieted and feeling a little less lonely and isolated.

Today, even a cup of tea did the trick, warmed me and gave me a minute of peace while my life swirled around me and inside my head. Imagine what a cuppa can do.


  1. Hi Hollie! Your little man is a cutie and those blue eyes...beautiful!
    Love to have coffee on a cloudy day with you, coffee does help get through these gray days,of course we always have our Oliver with us,so(if you don't mind the screams of frustrations or delight he's having at any given moment)I think it would still be fun! Glad & Cel

  2. I would love to have coffee with you two, well three=) Oliver could entertain my guys=) to you and I want to do Mad Hatter if you still have room!!

  3. Thanks for your post on my blog. We need to share our passion for junking! I love coffee:) xx Liz

  4. No kidding Liz=)!! I had fun reading your blog!

  5. Oh my heaven I think we are kindred spirits! I yelled as I was reading this! I would rather a rainy, cloudy day over a hot humid day!
    Heat gives me migraines and heat stroke too!

    I love going to a coffee shops too but Starbucks is a close personal friend of mine! I just had one yesterday and today! So bad!

    Isn't there anyway you could be closer to me? Come on Iowa has great junk!



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