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Monday, April 19, 2010

Junking Priorities

Last night I literally dreamed my house was clean. Let me explain. I have put housecleaning way on the back burner (which also needs cleaned) for a month while getting ready for and recovering from my very fun show, the Funky Junk Antique Show & Crafts Market. And this last weekend, only one weekend after said show, I had a full weekend of junking fun and then a run. (Race for the Cure).

So, instead of cleaning on Saturday, I started out my journey early with my mom and friend junker Christy (Ballyhoo Bazzar) and headed for some estate sales. We finally found a digger that we raced through, with spectacular results!

After loading the silver Odyssey (stand by your van--the last sale inspired me to sing), we drove on out Hwy 2 to GardenStone in Airway Heights, where we were greeted by Kelly Tareski, half of the magic of the business they run. (Monte being the other half, though they have a very big, amazing family! Maybe I should include the goats too?) By this time my sister Angela had joined our caravan of junking craziness, so the four of us enjoyed shopping GardenStone's huge selection of local fun goods, vintage, new, repurposed, handmade, blingy, rustic, it's all good! Kelly, her family and her animals were all so gracious, but we had to hit the road for Reardan and my mom's house.

I was eagerly anticipating visiting a new store the opened in Reardan recently, called Rejuvinations. My mom had told me about it and it was just so refreshing! Loved getting to meet the owner's sister, Tammy and Maria, who works there and had just visited us at the Funky Junk show the weekend before. Such cute, amazing inventory!! My mom, sister and I all picked up three different shades of a cute vintage looking organizer for our scrapbook rooms. Rejuvinations is well worth the drive! My mom headed to the Buggy Barn for a minute or two and Christy, Angela and I stopped by the antique store in town and found some very fun, unique finds. Christy couldn't pass up an awesome shopping cart! (Children sold seperately). The drive through Reardan wouldn't be complete on a sunny day without a milkshake from Dean's Drive In (where Hollie and her sister Heidi worked one summer way back), so I grabbed one and we drove on to Hollie's mom's house.

For decorating inspiration or hospitality, not much beats Gail Jantz's home. And I'm not even exaggerating. She treated us to looks at her collections (some new to me even) and fed our parched thirsts with Diet Cokes while we toured the grounds of her farm, where she gets to live, but not have to farm! (My mom grew up on a farm, daughter of a farmer, and is sister to a farmer, so she's well aware of the incredible hard work and sacrifice that go hand in hand with tending the land!) We were all worn out, we hard working junkin girls, by the (almost) end of our road trip. So Angela, Christy and I headed back to Spokane, our home sweet home. Christy and I HAD to stop by Habitat on Trent on the way home, where we found some fun finds and more projects than our minds could hold...such a cool store!

It's pretty amazing what junkers can accomplish when given a full day, the open road and some friends to enjoy the view with. It's a day to remember, and thankfully I have the pictures to prove it!

Next job: (before getting to cleaning my house) to figure out how to put the right pictures by the right paragraph so that you wonderful readers won't get too frustrated and give up on me!


  1. I am so coveting the basket of flash cards and the sewing machine!!!!

    You've brought back some wonderful memories for me as I spent a lot of my youth in Davenport/Reardan and have had some great meals at Dean's!!! I know some of the Jantz's so I think I'll just pretend that Gail is one of them!!!

    What fun you all had!!!

    Hope to make it to your next show. Unfortunately last weekend didn't work out:(

    Have a great week!!

  2. super-fun journey that I'm sad I missed! And good to see the Dean's sign...many milkshake memories (pre-allergy-testing) :)

  3. Hi other Holly! I'm so glad it brought back memories!! I really do love heading out that way, I immediatly start to destress=) Maybe you do know some of my's more like two degrees of separation in this part of the world! Hope to meet you real soon=)

  4. Heidi,
    Wish you could have been there, there's always next time, and there will be a next time=)

  5. I'm having a blast following your blog! I love that you and I live in the same area; it's fun to hear you talk about Spokane. I did the Race for the Cure on Sunday, too. Wasn't it amazing to see so many turn out?

    I wish I could have attended your show, I hope to next year. Do you "just" hold one show each year?

    Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way. Come visit again. :)


  6. :) Awww, I LOVE THIS! Now I must go to Reardan!! :) You guys are so cute.

  7. Hi Holly! Thank you for the sweet comment! Cel and I would love to come junking with you too. Reardan...looks like a fun time! xo Glad & Celia/Junebug

    P.S. If you could e-mail me Jennifer's address, I have a few baby goods to send her:)

  8. Erin, I definetly will visit you again=)...loved the race, it was my first, of many I hope! We hold two shows a year, our spring is in the Spokane area and the fall one is Labor Day weekend in Sandpoint, an awesome road trip=)!!
    I'd love to meet you in "real life"=) Talk to you soon!

  9. Gladys, I love checking your blog! I'm up for some fun junking with you two amazing junkers!!=) I'll email you Jennifers address, she'll be excited!
    Love to you guys,

  10. I'm comin over and going junkin with all of you!
    What a great day!

  11. I just went to the shop in Reardan yesterday with my two little ones and we also went to Dean's. It was a great little drive and a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon!


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