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Monday, April 5, 2010

Scouting out Dahlias

While planning my show outfits this weekend, yes, I really do this=), I kept coming across pieces of my favorite jewlery, and most of them are either from the booths of two super creative women, Scout (Robyn) and Dahlia (Amy). It has been an absolute pleasure getting to spend weekends with these girls over the years, and I really could just hang out in their booths and enjoy viewing their ecclectic creations and finds. They set up their booths like mini stores, one full of delectable, feast for the eyes jewlery (Dahlia) and the other full of treasures and finds at every turn for home, for looking stylish and many just have to haves (Scout). It wouldn't be a Funky Junk weekend with Amy and Robyn--thanks for sharing your incredible talents with us all girls!!


  1. Ladies I'm going to try and make it over to your show this weekend. It looks like a fantastic show!

  2. Thanks, and can't wait to meet you! We just filled up every inch of the grange with a last minute vendor, too=)


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