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Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Fling

I think we've been flung into spring! After a few false starts, it seems like maybe, it is here for good. Yesterday my first tulip opened, our cherry blossom tree began blossoming, and literally, the birds were singing and the bees were buzzing! The boys played outside for literal hours, and I was able to spend a couple quality hours with Liam, the middle boy, volunteering at his preschool, where we did some earth day friendly crafts. All in all a perfect spring day for our family.

Today I was able to pick out some seed packets with my little-est boys and this afternoon we're planning to plant our first pack of peas! Our garden has been far from abundant, due to my junking addiction/shows/three little boys/wanting to, it grows food, at the very least and we love to pick things from it during the summer, so we're giving another try this year. While we were at my fav. store, Target, picking up seeds, we also picked up 4 sets of brown flip flops (they have lots of colors to choose from!)for the three little boys, and one for the one big boy. So, here's to sunny days, happy kids, planting seeds in the garden and hopes for an earth that still springs new every year for generations to come!


  1. Just curious why you don't rotate your pictures. Makes the blog a tad hard to enjoy. :-)

  2. the photo of Finn's foot is soooooooo precious!!


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