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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yesterday's Harvest or Joy Connection...

Sometimes Jennifer & I (Hollie) like to combine our original business names together. We both have a thing for words, and frankly, talking. This also usually occursis when it's really late and we're setting up, really late for a show, because we've spent most of our work time talking and gawking at each other's finds and are giddy with junking fever.
See, we both started out selling our own unique, though complimentary (very funky junk) vintage finds and met working two booths down from each other. On a side note, we also met another of our junking friends through virtue of her being right in the middle of our booths. Good times, those were.
When we decided to start our show together three years ago (seven shows ago!!) we set on our name because well, we have super funky junk, and decided that we were all about love, fun & junk. Pretty simple.
We love gathering vendors/friends (it's hard to seperate the two, and one ends up becoming the other) together, but we have also continued to each sell out of our own booths, real names: Yesterday's Connection (Jennifer Wood) and Joy Harvest (Hollie Eastman). We really do love everything about junking; the finds, the friendships, the pure fun. So enjoy a few pictures of our junk, and then come and see what our many vendors and Jennifer and I have pulled together for this new decade, this original Funky Junk show, for you.

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