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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Day Turned on It's Right Side

It's been one of those weeks, where the lists are far longer than what I can accomplish, and the to-do's have turned into to-don'ts more often than not. Two times this week, I tried to get out and go shopping, but things just turned out the way I didn't plan. Today, things turned out not how I planned again, but in a really good way.
I went to the sale at Angel's Attic/Sophias on the North side of Spokane, and what a beautiful, peaceful, sweet way to start my day! The property that Angel's Attic sits on is just gorgeous, serene, and so perfectly landscaped! Linda, Jon & Kristen have such combined talent and style, it was like a mini getaway. I also got to meet the Tre Amici girls-whose version of camping/junking sounds just right! My mom and I got to shop while my dad followed my two littlest guys around the rocks, waterfall, grass, stairs, trees...yes, they had lots of fun too! (And they Loved the brownie bites we bought them!!). Thanks for a beautiful start to our day Angel Friends. You can check them out at and at .
We then traveled to Joe Albi Stadium, stopping by a few choice yard sales on our way. Okay, we just happened to follow the signs off of our real path, but those are often the best finds! We did eventually go and watch my oldest guy run his first America's Kids Run (formerly Jr. Bloomsday). So cute to see all of the elementary aged children from all over the area running. And we were all so proud of Haden for being brave enough to race alone, and follow his passion, just for fun. Especially mama. (Me.) After the race Mark, my husband, being understanding of my work, took the three boys home for lunch, and I took my mom and dad with me to go to a digger sale that lovely Jennifer of Unexpected Necessities told us about! We met our friend Christy of Ballyhoo Girl up there and dad stood by loyally watching our junk piles grow and grow and expand while we made multiple trips through the estate sale that rivals any in sheer amount of stuff that I've been to in a really long time. So much fun, so many possibilities now sit in my garage awaiting my time and attention, and dreams.
But by the end of our junking adventure, it was time to go home, as I knew my boys(including my husband) would be awaiting my time and attention. Tonight Liam, my middle boy, picked out "Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel" for his story, so we read about the steam shovel who in her day was the fastest and best, but was replaced by newer models. It reminded me why I love junking. It provides me with time to spend with friends who are like-junk minded, restore what was once useful to a new purpose, and to be brave and keep telling the stories of the past.


  1. It was so good to see you and your family at our show! It was such a fun day and I love to see all our junkin' friends out there. Wow, I wished I could have gone to that digger sale! Sounds so fun.

    Thanks so much for putting our sale up on your blog (even that dreadful picture of me - hehe!). See you out on the junkin' trail!


  2. I love days like that! What a fabulous day.
    One day we need to go junkin together.
    Have a wonderful day

  3. Hey, thanks so much for the support yesterday at our Angel's Attic show and for your sweet comments! Your boys are adorable and it is so nice to see a family helping and supporting each other. You and you family are special!
    Congrats on finding a good sale and how nice of Jennifer to share the info with you.
    Linda & Jon

  4. Ok, I LOVE the 'dresser' with the painted #s on it (2, 3, 4...) -- who's is that???

  5. Thank you Linda, Jon & Kristen!! Your sale was a highlight of my weekend, and my mom & dad are amazing grandparents & parents!!! I couldn't do what I love doing without them...your family seems just as awesome, love you guys! And Heidi...that dresser is at Angel's Attic, unless it went out the door=)Hollie

  6. Miss Timi, Oh we will go junking together would be so so much fun=) Really am looking forward to at least glimpsing you at FC!!! Have a great week, Junking Queen! Hollie=)

  7. Thanks, Hollie for the referral!
    Heidi, the numbered dresser is still at Angel's Attic. It will be going to FC unless it finds a new home, first.
    Thanks for the compliment!

  8. So great to meet all the fellow junkers at Angel's Attics - what an AWESOME show it was! Can't wait for Farm Chicks - although this time we are strictly shopping (at Funky Junk's booth, of course)....


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