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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Funky Finds

This is now sitting in front of my house, and it makes me happy every time I see it. Jennifer gave me the vintage oil can and yellow branches as a parting gift from our show. I love our yellow poster and the whole yellow, bright feel of our 7th show. Junkers are an awesome brand of people and we met so, so many of them at Funky Junk!
My friend Kara was at the show with her two adorable girls, and told me if my prized 1947 huge dictionary didn't sell, that she would definetly have a home for it. Tuesday, I delivered her find to her, and she was so excited, we even ended up looking up "sperious" (I think) that morning in it!!
One of our family's friends, the Morrison's, all came (5 and counting=)) and Jamie found a map puzzle in my Joy Harvest booth that he's positive he pieced together when he was young. (I will not reveal his age.) He put it together at home and discovered that we're only missing 1 (or 2) pieces to the puzzle.
That's a lot like Funky Junk is for me. Finding homes for junk I find amazing and prized, and piecing together the junk with the person who loved something similar long ago.
I love this life, this junking life, and the junk is super fun, but the people, well they are the missing pieces. grab some for yourself.

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