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Thursday, April 8, 2010


One of my favorite posters (*they're all my favorite) from past Funky Junk shows is one featuring a vintage fan. I have a thing for vintage fans, I kind of love them actually. When I get to go out junking I'm always on the lookout for these reminders of slower days. I always think of the stories that have whirred through those spinning blades, now silent. Sometimes the fans work, sometimes they just sit there and look good. I especially love the perfect shade of blue ones that I've found and let slip through my hands to arrive at their true homes through the years.
One of my favorite things about Funky Junk is the fans. We have had so much fun every show talking to people about our junk, that becomes their junk. There are always stories that go with the objects, and then they slip through our fingers and go to their true homes, and the stories continue. It's the people who make Funky Junk what it is, our vendors who shine, our fans and shoppers who light up our granges. It truly is about love, fun & junk.
One of our favorite long time fans is Naomi, who is a NICU nurse and now is enduring a bedrest pregnancy herself. She won't be able to make it to this show, so I thought I'd post pictures of a few items in her house that over the years she has bought from Joy Harvest and Funky Junk. Hang in there Naomi, we'll see you next time with your sweet baby!!
PS...our fans really rock.


  1. Hi Holly and Jennifer! We are thrilled to be apart of The Funky Junk looking forward to seeing you girls and families!
    We posted info about show on our blog too!!! xo Glad & Celia/Junebug

  2. Thanks Celia! Can't wait to see you guys, Jennifer said it was exciting to see the poster on your blog!...Know you'll make your spot beyond beautiful...

  3. Thanks Celia and Gladys...can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! Know you'll make your corner beyond beautiful! Jennifer was excited to see your blog, thanks!!!!


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