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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Farm Visit before Farm Chicks

We were really lucky. My mom decided to host our annual Memorial Day BBQ out at their house. I don't know if I've told you that they live on farm land, but it is farmed by someone else, so they get the views but not the work. (Good thing, since they are retired teachers and deserve a break!) This turned out to be a brilliant idea since we all needed a break from our house. So, we packed up and went out for an afternoon just hanging out with the family inside since the weather was unpredictable at best. I decided however, to take a walk, a 3 mile walk, to clear my mind. I had found out some terrible news about a friend, had many tough to-do lists and decisions to sort out, and just needed to breathe the rarefied air out there.
The only thing I had to listen to was the crunch of gravel and the conversations of birds. Their wasn't a drop of rain on my long walk but the cloud scenery suited my mood. So as I walked and talked out loud and ran and breathed and prayed I felt my spirits lift. And as I turned up the driveway, the sun broke through promising better days ahead. Or at least the chance of them.
So having had a very mini retreat I headed to my friend Christy's house. Christy is sharing a booth with me at the Farm Chicks
and we had some last minute projects to work on for our Come Junk With Us friends who will be visiting the show. It was so nice to be welcomed in out of the(torrential downpour) rain to spend a few precious minutes oohing and ahhing over her junk finds that she's bringing to share with all of us. She's so creative and fun,and as a bonus I got to watch her daughter Gracie laughing and dancing in the rain on the porch. Again my spirits were lifted, my burdens gone for a little bit. So I'm heading into Farm Chicks bolstered by the love of family and friends and more than a little excited about the shared love of fun and junk we are all soon to experience. See you soon!


  1. Ahh those are my very favorite kind of walks..and do seem to be VERY benifical:) Hope your week takes a turn for the better and see you soon at Farm Chicks!:)

  2. Sorry you received some bad news :( I know God hears us and prayers are answered, so keep praying sweetie!!
    Can't wait to see you two at Farm Chicks. Cel and I have been working on....OH! it's a surprise for Chaps Dinner Party. We so hope you will be there. XOXO Glad & Cel/Junebug

  3. I love those kinds of walks! The crunch of gravel and the conversation of birds. So sorry you had some bad news. I hope things are looking up.

    Looking forward to seeing you Saturday!! All the best as you get ready, I can't imagine how many details there are to tend to.


  4. We always worry about everyone else, I know. We sometimes forget about ourselves. I love to take those walks, especially by myself.Don't stress yourself out.Your Friend needs your support now! I need your lovely comments too;) Hugsxx LizlovesVintage

  5. Thanks all! It was so super to meet you all...well, Liz, you someday!=)...I need another walk now to debrief from such an incredible week/end!


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