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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Buttercuppity, Huckelberry's...I'm hungry now.

There's nothing like a trip to Huckelberry's on Spokane's south hill to cheer this mama up. It's quite a jaunt for us north siders, but when we need the goods, we head up the hill. With Haden at school today and just Liam and Finn in tow, I knew we could do it. Then I found out that Ari at Buttercuppity wanted my pretty in pink dresser that I had at the Farm Chicks and a whole morning of fun was born.

My lovely sister Angela accompianed me, so the shopping went pretty smoothly,(except when Finn bashed the cart into my leg). We got a couple of heirloom plants for our newly planted garden (Liam is quite the farmer already) and I picked up two bags of the Four Seasons coffee that part of the proceeds go to 2nd Harvest. Huckelberry's is also having a food drive for 2nd Harvest Food Bank, so a great chance to get and give all in one stop!

We packed up our healthy bags of goodness and headed back down the hill to downtown Spokane and destination Buttercuppity! We parked out front and went in the door of the magical fabric store that Ari & Michael have created. They are such wonderful people! It felt like home and they were super gracious meeting us at the shop on the day that I could deliver there new dresser, "pinkie". Michael helped me roll her up into the shop and there she sat in all of her glory! A perfect fit for such a fun, colorful, lively shop! While Angela watched the two boys play in the fun kids area, I was able to fit a bit of shopping in, and even signed up for a class, which I've been wanting to do this since early spring. Thankfully Mark (my husband) was okay with me filling my Sunday afternoon up with this outing!

Check out their website and store, you will not be disappointed!! You can't help but leave happy after visiting with Ari (she makes you feel like you could sew anything!) and Michael (who helped me pick out fabric for a special Father's Day project).

By the time we left the boys were so done with shopping and I realized that I hadn't filled the meter, so it was time to head home for lunch and nap. Good morning with super good people. I love my jobs as mommy and junker.


  1. Your boys are SO CUTE! That adorable pink dresser of yours goes perfect there! I so need to sew...I'm pathetic. My mom's been sewing for years and tried to teach me when I was a kid, but I was always busy building forts with my brothers :) Do you sew well?

  2. Isnt Buttercuppity (ANNND Ari!) the best? I could spend all day in there!!

  3. I love that pink dresser!! I didn't notice it at the show. There's a lot I skipped over, I think. Next time, I'm doing 2 walk throughs.

    I haven't heard of Buttercuppity, I am going to check them out, they sound great.

    Hope you're getting some rest in after all the busyness of last week.


  4. I do not sew well at all. Did I mention that my mom was a home ec teacher?...I love Buttercuppity and Ari and hoping she can remind me of how to sew, my mom and grandma tried so hard to teach me!=)
    That pink dresser is so pretty and I'm glad it has it's true home!

  5. Liam is such a cutie-shopper-helper! (and Finn too :))


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