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Monday, June 7, 2010

Funky Junk Loves Farm Chicks

I'm not sure which came first, the Farm Chicks clouds making me feel dreamy, or me just really feeling the dreamy glow of Farm Chicks and thinking how well the clouds fit my mood. Either way, it was a dream like weekend for a girl who started her junking journey shopping the Farm Chicks show way back was 2004, but that seems like forever in junking years.
What an awesome mix of vendors, old friends from the previously mentioned way back when, and so many new ones. When I wasn't busy doing what I was there to do, I loved walking around and getting to meet the faces behind the creative and inspiring booths. Thank you, thank you Serena, and her family and friends, and everyone who was so sweet and welcoming and generous with their time and energy! You made it feel like coming home.


  1. It was such a treat meeting you at the show and seeing your darling booth... I just ADORE you ORIGINAL Funky Junk girls and your snazzy logo! {you WORK that trademark for all it is worth!} ;0)

    Deb @ Retreat

  2. I'm so happy you were at Farm Chicks, loved all your cuteness in your booth! The picture that was taken of us and Christy did'nt turn out:( Please tell her we love her, she has the best energy and great smile. So happy you will be joining us in October for Mad Hatter. xoxo Glad & Celia

  3. Hollie, loved meeting you! You have an amazing collection, too! I didn't buy much..I'm kind of going through a decorating identity crisis, if that makes ANY sense at all. :)

    Yep, I met Holly from I Wish I Were a Walton at your booth! I've been talking to her for a few months now and finally met her in person, yay!!

    See you at the Vintage Barn and Mad Hatter!!


  4. hollie, what can I say???You are an absolute delight, and i cannot believe we were in the same dorm in college! EEK!! I look forward to the next time we see each other and we can have even more chance to talk! Hope you had a great show!

    xoxox, Tiffany

  5. So good to see you! You guys made that whole area light up! I totally dug the banner, too!
    Kitschy Lisa

  6. Cute pic of you on the bike! Love it!


  7. I just have to say that I loved your booth! I bought a little red, wooden stool for my son's room and he cannot stop sitting on it! (I'm the one that had on the homemade brown shirt and white ruffled shirt on Sunday, like you would remember me with the amount of people that were there.) Thanks again for your uber cute booth!!! -Kelsee

  8. Hi you all! You just made my day!!! What sweetness to connect with you wonderful women after the show! Sure eases my post show depression=).,..I've named it PSD! I remember each and every interaction, it just meant the world to have each of you to talk to and share the weekend with, vendors and shoppers's what makes the junking world go round, love, fun & junk=)
    Love, Hollie

  9. Hi's Holly!!!

    Had such a great time seeing you at the farmchicks...your booth is always one of my favorites! I seem to spend the most money there too!!!!
    I've got a cute pic of you girls on my blog. Iwishiwerawalton.blogspot
    See you soon!!

  10. Thank you Holly, it was really fun to see you again! We must have similar junking tastes, you, me and my mom=)..I will visit your blog, and hope to see you at Buggy Barn maybe...


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