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Monday, August 30, 2010

Back To Junk School

We're only days away from Funky Junk Labor Day Weekend, in beautiful Sandpoint, ID! I've had the pleasure of going through my stash, and what a stash it is! I'm bringing the best of my junk to fill and I'm sure, overflow my booth! This means days and nights of work, cleaning, painting, marking, envisioning; and I'm just one of a whole group of people who I like to call artists, who are doing just the same thing this week.

Most people in this business we call "Junking" or "Antiquing" or "Crafting" are truly gifted, talented, professional and perfection-oriented people who love what they do. And it shows. I'm humbled to be among the group gathering at Funky Junk this fall for our eigth(already?!) show. Wow, I'm blessed.

I've named my booth Back To Junk School this fall; I love vintage anything school~I come from a long line of teachers, so makes sense, right? So I have some special finds I've pulled together for Junk School. Our red bicyle poster has inspired part of my creating too, so there will be the obvious, bicycles and the more subtle, or not so subtle, reds. The rest is a huge stash of funky and functional finds brought to you from me, so enjoy!

So, here's some math homework for you my junking friends. One funky booth x 25 + food + free music + cool old grange = (answer below).

Love. Fun. Junk.

Answer: You having the best Labor Day Weekend ever in Sandpoint, ID Saturday & Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days because the $2 admission is good all weekend and there are fresh junk & goods delivered both days; not to mention Sandpoint to explore both evenings and Monday!! See you there!


  1. Um, I might need to head out there this weekend! I am in need of some inspiration and a trinket or... 12. I love the mail box and that great stool or chair or whatever it is in the last picture! Hope to see you guys there! -Kelsee

  2. I love that church pew (I think that's what that is). I'm super-excited about the show and am so happy to be part of it. The Funky Junk Show last April got me hooked :) By the way, I'm still seeing the Funky Junk logo whenever I close my eyes after making all those necklaces!

  3. Hello over there Hollie....!!

    THANKS so much for your recent comment....I'm CHUFFED you stopped by to help out....!

    I've decided to head down to Texas after Junk Bonanza so won't get over your way....!!

    I will however, be able to check out all your GREAT junk regularly from now on....!!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  4. See you soon Kelsee and Kristen!=)...And hope to run into you Tamarah at the Junk Bonanza!

  5. Guess I'm just missing it, but what is the location in Sandpoint for the show??

  6. So sorry I just saw this,....well, the show was 7 miles northeast of Sandpoint on Hwy. 200...I need to figure out where to put the web address on much to learn!!


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