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Monday, August 23, 2010

Funky Junk Vendors

I'm so in love with fall. I love the air and the trees and the warm days and cool nights. And even back to school. For four years now, I've also had Funky Junk to be part of the reason I love fall. This will be the fourth time we've gathered amazing vendors from all over to share in a junking weekend that feels more like a party, or a really great family reunion. I love our vendors and spend most of my time wandering the booths instead of staying in my own. I love seeing the work of their hands; the finds they have gathered; hearing their stories from since we last talked; finding that we have more in common than we ever knew.

So, soon my craving for fall will be tasted, and another fun junking weekend will commence. Hope that you too can be a part of Funky Junk Fall, where you'll find your own one of a kind funky find; but you'll also find vendors who are one of a kind amazing.~Hollie

Yesterday's Connection
Joy Harvest
PlayHouse Soaps
Little Red Hen Pies
Carol~Marketplace Antiques
Scout Vintage Clothing & Accessories
Just Because Antiques
Junebug Furniture & Design
Ladybird Jewelery
Ballyhoo Girl
Hand Me Down Quilts
Old Idaho
Iona's Antiques
Rustic Radiance
Sister's Creed
Parson's Place
The Best Nesst/Wanderlux
Reclaimed Charm
Out of the Woods
Rustic Pine
And more confirmed fun coming soon!=)


  1. I feel Fall and Funky Junk in my bones too! My heart skips a little just reading this line-up! Counting the days, Loving the memories!
    Love, Funky Junk Jennifer

  2. Thanks my funky friend=)...Can't wait to see your booth!!!

  3. We are working fast and furious on some new amazing Junebug Junk for all the Funky Junk Followers....can't wait for the fun!!! xoxo Glad & Celia

  4. I have no doubt it will be amazing Junebug!!

  5. Soooo excited! My brain is overflowing with new ideas to create for Ladybird....can't wait to bring them to Funky Junk!

  6. Yea Ladybird...can't wait to ARE our jewlery this time!!!!=)


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