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Sunday, August 15, 2010

One of a Kind Funky Finds...

I just love junk. There are so many more important things in life, I know. So many people I know and love have gone through hard, hard things and low, low times as of late. They are coping and living through the junk in their lives right now, with grace, dignity, courage. So what does my junk matter, really. But it does. There is something that happens when I'm junking, creating, repurposing, painting, cleaning, hauling, making things change. When I'm bringing back life to items that for all intents and purposes should be in the dump. (Some if it was, but I rescued it.) So there it is, the junking is saving me. When there is chaos reigning around me, I find calm in the junk storm in my garage, and joy in the junk piles awaiting me in my office. Thank the good Lord for the junk, and for the amazing people of the junk who share the love of it all with me. That is the reason the junk matters, and that is the why of my junk love.


  1. Hollie

    I love this post! We don't do this so much for the junk itself as for the therapeutic value of the creating, handling and transforming has on us. Everyone needs something to lose themselves in, and this as good as any other. Hopefully, we are able to make a little profit in the process so we can keep on with our junk therapy!

  2. Thanks Fielding, I totally agree=)...You said amazingly better, too!!

  3. wow - love it. words of truth and hope! Bless you!


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