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Friday, July 8, 2011

a Grand 4th

I hope your Fourth of July was a happy, safe and refreshing one. While we may not have dressed in patriotic garb and re-enacted a pivotal moment in American history, (and I frankly couldn't pass the new citizen test if I had to), we managed to have a good time honoring this holiday celebrating freedom. Among those who gathered at my parent's home, (my dad's siblings, my sisters, my sister's husband and parents, my boys, my husband, his dad, and a farm neighbor), there were five military veterans.

The boys dressed in holiday splendor to spend the day on "the farm".

After arriving and greeting, I gave my mom her Fourth of July gifts, including this reproduction glittery poster. We're a gift giving and happily gift receiving family for just about every holiday. We even make some up. We do skip Groundhog Day.

Every holiday, I must walk through my mom and dad's house to look for my mother's incredible displays and decorations. This year I found some fun items I hadn't seen before, including these two books.

Where did this amazing Uncle Sam wind spinner come from? I admired him in all his red, white and blue vintage glory.

A little bit of reproduction patriotism and sparkle!

One of my old favorite hymns, in an awesome antique handheld book of patriotic hymns my mom found who knows where!

The food was picnic perfect; the table set by the hostess with the most-est.

(Tablecloth by Moda Design, Moda Fabric. They nail reproduction items every time.)

As perfect a vase as I've seen.

A-maz-ing, inviting retro grass green patio set perched on my mom & dad's porch.

Repurposing done well, "all" in a day's work.

Love how she paired the vintage pop bottle crates with the cart. Love.

Retro drinks to quench our thirsts...

found nestled in ice inside a repurposed washtub.

This way for fun on the fourth...a over the top cool table mom picked up at Farm Chicks!

My mom's school girl holding two 48 state flags; the big one from Pink, the little from a friend.

An old watering rescued watering tub, all decked out for the fourth.

We wrote our names in the heat of the day. It's still fun.

After a long day of sun and play, we headed home with cupcakes sent by Oma in my lap.

We arrived home at dusk, all ready for a marshmallow roast with our neighbors. The essentials...huge and medium marshmallows in my vintage Pyrex bowl; skewers (not sticks this year, though we had plenty in the yard to draw from) and waving flags displayed in one of my many prized old Ball jars.

Our toasting sticks at attention, ready for the little (and big) toasters...
My "Economy" purple hued canning jar has been used for a flower vase and now this-how versatile are these?!? Can you tell I've renewed my love affair with old jars...

Ah... toasted marshmallows in the back yard with friends. Quintessential retro 4th.

Freedom comes at a high price, at the cost of many. That is a fact not lost on me. And this year, I held that thought a little closer, thankful for the way paved for me and my family to celebrate that in the comfort and safety of friends and family.


  1. Looks like a fun holiday!! Your mom's decorations are amazing...of course. :) So...which retro soda pop is the tastiest? And...where can you purchase them? Glad you had a good time with the family!!

  2. Thanks Kristin!! Depends on what you like=)for the pop...usually Huckelberry's natural food store has them, sometimes WalMart actually has some of them too!

  3. Hi Hollie! Looks like your family had a fun 4th of July! I love your mom's 'All Bucket' such fun holiday inspiration! We spent the 4th with my sister at her condo at Coeur d' Alene Lake. While everyone was sun bathing in the wonderful sun, Cel & I strung red, white, & blue banners everywhere...I just had to, I think my sis appreciated it and expected it! We enjoyed the day with our families and 20 young adults from my nephews church. So much fun!

    XO Glad & Celia

  4. Hollie it looks like you had a FABULOUS 4th July....I LOVE all the vintage touches....ESPECIALLY the Coke & Pepsi crates paired with the cart....!!

    I SO want to share your 4th July celebrations on one of my visits to the US....The closest I've managed to date is arriving on the 3rd August....MAYBE next year....!!

    Have a FAB week & keep out of mischief....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah xx

  5. Thanks my friends, I've missed checking up on the blog world!! Thanks Glad...I would expect you'd decorate like we do!...Thanks Erica, I quite love her decorations too!...THanks Miss Tamarah, the 4th is so super'll make it, you have your ways!!!=)

  6. This looks like a wonderful day! Your photos are perfect summery 4th of July goodness! Love it!


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