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Saturday, July 2, 2011


There are many rustic, history-holding brick buildings in Spokane, WA. This one is on the Spokane Registry of Historic Buildings. This one was orginally Pacific Hide and Fur. This one now holds a treasure trove of finds and friendships.

A few weeks back, on Father's Day, when the menfolk went off in search of an action movie; my mom, sisters and I peeked through the windows of the soon to be unvieled Pink.

How much is that vintage toy telephone in the window?

This place recreates window shopping into an art form!

The window goodness goes all the way up to the front door...

It's official! They are open for your pleasure!

154 Madison (1 block west of the Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown Spokane, WA)

Wed.-Sat. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Celeste Shaw, one of the talented proprietresses-four in all; Celeste, Lana Neumann, Erica Parish and Chris Lynch. All class acts, warmth and talent.

Sweet Becky and Holly of All That Glitter fame; that's me all tall in the middle. Oh, I was wearing my strappy summer heels. These two lend even more talent, warmth & class to PInk=)!!

Love. It. When my sister entered the store later in the day, she said, "Ah, inspiration!"

A little store warming gift for the lovely ladies of Pink.

Some of Cake's delectable cookies for opening day; yummy red-velvet cupcakes greeted me in the afternoon! (My all time fav. ginger molasses chocolate on the lower tier. By the way, make sure before or after you Pink; make sure you get sustenance at Chaps/Cake!)

Wrapping station readied for your purchases and mine...and now a tour of sorts, just a few of my favorite things...

The girls generously displayed our Save The DAte tags for our Sandpoint, ID Labor Day show.

They have a way there of mixing old and new effortlessly.

Did I mention yet how affordable and well priced everything is yet? High end looks for everyday people prices, that's what I love.

This piece needs to be in my scrapping room!

Letters and scales and signs, oh my!!

The pieces in DejaNeu's area are just incredible.

My sister may still be gazing adoringly at this industrial cart coffee table.

My sister Heidi had a great thought, it would be perfect to just wrap everything up and take it with her to decorate her home with. That's the beauty of Pink, it shows you all the possibilities.

I want to go back. Now.

Hope you enjoyed the tour...there is so much more to see, around every corner...the second time I went back with my sister, I found things I hadn't seen the first time...enjoy taking it all in for yourself!! PS...does Finn need an F bigger than he is? Yes, I think he might...

My mom got there early; I got there later than I was supposed to. But here is her incredible find. The cart and the basket are making their way to her kitchen. Even cooler, the cart was in a Flea Market Style photo shoot. I personally love the vintage linoleum piece under the cart!

Beautiful pink peonies at the checkout; love Celeste's idea of the funnel to hold the flowers in the Ball jar.

Oh the choices!!

These were the particular stamps I purchased, my mom went home with several more...stilll kind of wishing I'd bought the ICED and the 8for1 and the Sara Lee...

I simply had to take this home with me! I found out it was Celeste's, who had originally bought it from Nancy of Forget Me Not in Coeur d' Alene. I always end up with either of their amazing items, one way or another!

I know! I love it! I'm going to keep the boys crayon boxes on it in the living room for easy access for coloring...and display some of my vintage crayon box collection too. The back of the display has a chart for proper display on each shelf. Love it.

My last buy of the day...I had no idea these even existed! But "Barbie was bursting with excitement-she had won a world trip as a prize! She told her diary all about it..." Now I need to find a Tru-Vue Stereo Viewer!

Oh, well, we love Pink! And all that other stuff too=).

The oh so talented crew at Pink!
(top left: Becky Ellis, Holly Baublitz, Erica Parish, Celeste Shaw:

bottom row: Lana Neumann and Chris Lynch)

Now, it's time for you to get you to Pink=).


  1. Love. Love. Love all of your posts...Keep em coming! Tiffany

  2. Nice post, Hollie - it's on my list for my next trip to the big city.... :)
    I'm very excited to have you come back to my place at the end of the month!!!

  3. Wow.. that shop looks so amazing it makes me want to travel across the country to see it.

  4. It's as amazing as it looks! I came after working a long 8-hour shift and it instantly refreshed me! Thank you PiNk!

  5. Thanks for the photos, Hollie . . . just as I expected: FANTASTIC!!!!

    Congratulations to all of you. Gotta make a trip to Spokane soon!

    xoxo Debi

  6. Great post and fab pics! Can't wait to go to it!! You got some great treasures too.
    Hudson's Holidays

  7. Can you believe I'm flying to Spokane on Tuesday! I'm going to beg to stop at Pink...I had no idea this was happening. Nothing in Blog land...
    All I know is if Celeste has anything to do with it it's going to be amazing!!!!!
    Can't wait to see it~SueBee

  8. Thanks girls!! is so much better in person than my pictures and words can describe...but looking at this again made me want to go back!=) Glad you enjoyed, can't wait to see it through other bloggers eyes, too!
    Happy 4th all!

  9. I am in love with that store. If I had an unlimited budget I would have walked away with everything in your pictures. Great pics and a great store!

  10. Do they have a facebook, web page or blog page so that I can follow it? Thanks!

  11. Oh I need to go check it out. Thanks for all the pics. It looks like they have amazing finds! I didn't realize they were open already!

  12. Tricia...They don't have a page up yet, but Celeste has her Chaps Coffee Co. page on Facebook and the All That Glitter girls have a facebook page also...
    Becca, you are welcome, it is sooo fun to visit!!


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