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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where has the Time gone??

Is it truly the last week of July?...My oh my how summer has flown by. I feel like trying to capture it before it whisks away. Maybe because we have had such cool temperatures, and our family has had such a low key summer I feel that way.

I haven't been out and about much this summer, we've been hanging close to home, but I was able to get to Cake this past weekend...a glorious display of vintage-ness there!

My friends Jill, birthday girl Amy (her first time at Chaps/Cake-oh yes, she'll be back) and me after a yummy birthday breakfast. Thanks for taking our pic, Miss Celeste!!

I managed to get my display of Expo '74 (and a few Seattle World's Fair pieces too) up this summer... one project done...too many to count that will now have to wait for late fall & winter...

My collection of go to canning jars in my office, awaiting the next summer party...

I've been able to get to few and far between garage/yard/estate sales this summer, but got to go to one of my favorite neighborhood sales with my mom in early July, where I found some pretties...

This is the inside of a trunk I picked up at another neighborhood sale...ah summer junking! Can't wait to get to the fun stuff I've been stashing in my garage to ready and bring to Funky Junk Labor Day weekend in Sandpoint!

And the big reason we are home bound, sleep deprived and behind on all projects at our house; our rescue dog, Rudy, a four year old (going on two) lab/retriever mix. Our oldest had been saving a year for a dog to call his own. Now Mark and I are doing most of the work so Haden can have his boyhood dream. We all adore him, we're just ready to get back to some sort of new calm sometime soon.

I leave you with a picture of the stash of vintage ephemra goodies that the talented and kind Linda at sent me this spring. While it's taken me way too long to give her public blog thanks, this little vignette sitting in my (completely undone) office has given me creative hope all spring long~thanks Linda!! Hers is definetly a blog worth following...

Happy summer of doing whatever you need to do to make it feel like summer~Hollie=)


  1. I always say that labs are puppies until they are 10! Cute blog! I will definately check back.

  2. Thanks girls!! I had to be creative today before I lost it=)!...I heard labs are puppies until 6...10 seems alot longer=)!

  3. Well, aren't you sweet, Hollie! I'm glad you liked the goodies! Looks like a fun day out with your friends! XO

  4. Thanks!...Love love my goodies, and love your blog Linda=)

  5. love the pic of the boys and Rudy (or as Finn says "Wrudy") :)

  6. Hi Hollie,

    It's Michelle O from the FJ show at St. Joes! I have actually been reading both yours and Jennifers blogs all day! fun stuff! I just wanted to tell you that ALSO have a Spokane Worlds Fair collection :)


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